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Libra Yearly Horoscope

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2020 Overview

Libra, you're everyone's favorite social butterfly. But as 2020 begins, you may find yourself retreating back into the cocoon.

As January 10's lunar eclipse in Cancer urges you to shed your protective shell and January 12's Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn initiates an inner metamorphosis, it's only natural to prefer the privacy of your own home. You'll need a safe space in which to process your emotions—with Jupiter conjoining Pluto three times this year (April 4, June 29, and November 12), there'll be a lot coming to the surface.

You tend to be on the more reserved side when it comes to expressing your feelings, and when you want to minimize drama, that's just good sense. Still, with Jupiter and Pluto opening the floodgates, your true feelings are coming out… ready or not! The summer eclipse season, with lunar eclipses in Sagittarius on June 5 and Capricorn on July 4, is all about getting things off your chest—especially if they're family-related.

If all this seems heavy, Libra, have no fear. Your ruling planet Venus balances the scales by spending extra time in easy, breezy Gemini (April 3-August 7, retrograde May 12-June 24). After starting the year in homebody mode, this transit draws you back out into the wider world. Plan a faraway trip, sample the sights and sounds of a different culture, or begin a new field of study—anything that captures your imagination and expands your sense of possibility.

These explorations could be just for fun… or they could get your life moving in a whole new direction. It may not be clear until after the Cancer solar eclipse on June 20, but one thing's for sure: New avenues of self-expression and personal achievement are opening for you.

The “new you” begins to emerge as Mercury, the sun, and Venus transit your sign (September-November). You may get pushback from those who know and love the “old you,” especially November 9-19 when Venus opposes Mars in Aries and squares Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn. But don't worry, Libra, they'll learn to love it as much as you do!

2020 Love & Romance

Libra, you've never minded being the wind beneath your partner's wings. But with your ruling planet Venus spending four months in flighty Gemini this year (April 3-August 7, retrograde May 12-June 24), 2020 is more about spreading your own wings. There's a great big beautiful world out there—and if a relationship is preventing you from broadening your horizons, that's just not gonna fly!

During Saturn's brief sojourn in Aquarius (March 21-July 1), even casual connections can feel like they're cramping your style. If you want to avoid getting tied down, you'll need to be put your foot down and be up front about where your boundaries are. By the time Saturn returns to freedom-loving Aquarius in December and meets up with Jupiter on the twenty-first, you'll be glad you did!

Still, you shouldn't assume that everyone else will be on board with your requests for more freedom and space. After all, Libra, you tend to be attracted to partners who are strong-willed, assertive, and passionate—so obviously, they're going to have their own opinions. Conflicts are likely to rear their head with Mars entering your opposite sign of Aries on June 27 and remaining there for the rest of the year.

Your typical M.O. is to avoid confrontation as long as possible and keep the peace at any cost. But with Uranus shaking things up in Taurus this year, that's no longer such an attractive option. Bringing up taboo topics like sex, money, and power dynamics may rock the boat, but if it leads to more fairness and equity in your relationship, it's well worth the risk! After all, as the Venus/Uranus conjunction on March 8 reminds you, you should never have to sell out or sell yourself short in order to be loved.

You may encounter some resistance in the fall, when planets in your sign take turns opposing Mars and squaring Capricorn power players Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. But as Venus comes home to your sign (opposing Mars on November 9, squaring Pluto and Jupiter on the fifteenth, and Saturn on the nineteenth), you know your own worth—so Libra, don't settle for anything less!

2020 Finance & Career

Get ready for greatness, Libra!

2020 promises to be a monumental year for your career. But with a lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10, the beginning of the year is more likely to find you wrapping up old projects than launching new ones. Take this time to celebrate your successes—you've earned it!

A Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn just two days after the eclipse could make finances tighter for a while, especially if you're between jobs or projects. But have no fear, by the time Cancer season rolls around, new opportunities should be rolling in!

With Mercury spending over two months in Cancer (May 28-August 4), you'll have ample time to focus on your career goals. Use the summer months for professional development and networking activities.

A June 20 solar eclipse in Cancer invites you to seed new visions, set new goals, and start new enterprises. Don't be afraid to dream big—with a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction following on June 29 and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4, this lunar cycle has the potential to be a complete game-changer!

Work-life balance is a major theme for you this year. After all, as much as your work is a labor of love, it's meant to support your personal life—not take away from it. And Mercury's retrogrades in Pisces/Aquarius (February 16-March 9) and Scorpio/your sign (October 13-November 3) find you wondering if you've sacrificed too much in one area or the other.

A year-long sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces (exact February 20, July 27, and October 12) gives you plenty of leverage to renegotiate and get the balance right. A higher salary, more flexible hours, the ability to work remotely… Whatever you need to feel supported in doing your best work and living your best life, Libra, just ask—you're worth it!


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