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Tiger 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: You can tap in to your natural Tiger energy for a burst of speed toward the finish line. This year you'll see real progress on your goals. You are in harmony with the energy of the metal Rat year, which can be idealistic and intensely emotional, just like you. Making a dramatic entrance, making yourself known, and having people remember your name will bring you rewards this year.

Speed is important in metal Rat years, and no one outruns a Tiger. Your bold nature allows you to pounce on projects and fearlessly tear through them. This is a good year to jump on tips and information you receive from trusted others. This may lead you to profitable investments or powerful connections with important people. You might walk silently as you decide what action to take before making your presence felt as you spring into action. Tell others what you're working on and gather support for your goals.

Your strong, willful nature benefits you this year as you push through obstacles like a pile of feathers. Know yourself and trust in your abilities and this recipe will bring you prosperity and success. Look at forging partnerships of all kinds, including collaboration in business deals.

While you're quite focused on your career, there are travel possibilities for you this year. You may be visiting a faraway land, especially one connected with your ancestors. If you get this travel opportunity, consider taking it. Magical things could happen as a result.

Tiger 2020 Career

Year of 2020: The year of the metal Rat is a very good year for Tiger natives in the area of work and career. If you’re happy with your job, you can easily stay in your current position. You can also move up in the ranks through making some strategic connections. But if you’d like to find another job, you only need to reach out to your many connections and make the request. Your friends and colleagues will come through for you.

If you work a contract job or you’re building a side business, you have a lot of opportunities to expand your income. You can score some real gains both in terms of money and prestige. Helpful people around you are bringing opportunities. But be cautious with companies that ask you to invest before you get paid. These could lead to very small profits for you.

The new moon in late February is when you can talk to management about a better position, leadership role, or transfer to another department. At this time, you’re admired at work and now in a good place to ask for a favor.

Your job seems stable at the full moon in late December, but there are signs your company is changing, and it may affect you down the line. Take a few minutes one day during this period and meditate on where your company and the industry itself are heading. Now is a good time to commit to a business or moneymaking activity you really want to pursue.

Tiger 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: This year is an emotionally charged, fun, and exciting time for relationships. People around you will appreciate your magnetic personality. Your passionate nature and piercing gaze can cause other hearts to skip a beat. In a high-energy year, your impulsive nature can bring you romance or get you into some trouble (the kind Tiger natives like).

If you're looking for love, your hunt can prove successful. As the Tiger leaps into the group, the frightened ones scatter, but what’s left are people worthy of your energy and attention. No need to play down your captivating nature this year. Move to the center of the party and show people who you are.

For those Tiger natives who are already in a love relationship, this year looks to be a time when your relationship deepens and becomes a real bond. Old issues can be cleared away. While you're emotionally sensitive, you have no need to hold on to past hurts. You’re capable of having a great love, and the energies of this year support this.

The new moon in late January brings a love opportunity leading to some delightful time behind closed doors. Romance is really strong during this period.

The new moon in late May is a good time if you're looking for love, in fact, this is one of the best times this year. You can meet new people and find potential dating partners. Schedule coffee dates and expand your circle of friends. A special love can be quite close.

Tiger 2020 Health

Year of 2020: Tiger natives have a dual nature that is most noticeable in your energy. At times, the quick energy of the metal Rat year will feel great, but you also need your downtime. If you don't take a break every once in a while, you can get irritable and impatient. Go too long without a vacation and you might start picking quarrels with people you care about. Schedule a full night's sleep for yourself whenever possible. Also, find time to get away or at least do a “staycation” at home until your batteries recharge.

When Mercury goes retrograde in mid-October, you may find yourself quite interested in returning your body to a healthy state through good eating and exercise. It's good to look for fun things to do for a workout. Consider anything from jumping on a trampoline to pole dancing to indoor rock climbing. Find something so fun that it makes you jump out of bed in anticipation.

Tiger 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: Metal Rat years can be some the strongest financial years for Tiger natives, but when gold rains from heaven, Tigers sometimes go on a shopping spree. You have the opportunity this year to pay down debt and put some money aside for the future. Not all the years going forward will bring you this many positive financial options, so it's good to be a little prudent now.

The full moon in early April shows financial improvement, especially around investments. Take a few minutes each day to review your holdings or your goals. Study the markets and listen to your intuition. The lucky energy also helps you with negotiating debt settlements and consolidating debt.

The new moon in mid-July shows another improvement in your finances, and you may have a small windfall land in your account. This could be a check you were expecting or proceeds from the sale of a large item.

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