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Tiger 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: When you look at the menagerie of animals in the Chinese zodiac, there are few more powerful than the Tiger. Tiger natives have the ability to get what they want, often through force of will, but in some years finesse is a better tactic. You enter the energy of earth Pig this year, a contentious year for Tiger natives. But in a battle with Pig energy – well, let's just say Tigers will be snacking on bacon.

In earth Pig years, you are challenged to look at the path you're on and, if you're unhappy, make a change. This can mean moving, switching careers, starting a business, or traveling. You can know opportunities will present themselves this year to show you a new path.

Organizations are highlighted for Tigers this year. It's a good idea to take an active role in professional organizations and charitable functions. Not only will you meet new friends but you will also find the social aspect really adds to your life.

Tiger 2019 Career

Year of 2019: You are very noticeable this year, which is a great thing for your career. This means you can get the positive attention from management (even upper management) and make it known where you want to go within the company. This year, you can also add travel for work if you wish it. Tiger natives have energy around opportunities to transfer to another office or even to another country.

The challenge this year is to turn your ideas into material benefit. You're great at creative plans, but when it comes to executing the task, it may seem overwhelming. Remember, you are a Tiger, fearless and bold, it's okay to jump in with all four feet this year.

For Tiger natives looking for employment, July can bring an offer, but consider starting the job in August to avoid the energy of Mercury retrograde. If this position isn't ideal, there is likely to be a second offering around early September.

You're lucky in the area of work in late November. You can ask for a promotion or investigate a transfer to a more prestigious position. Tiger natives naturally have an air of authority about them. This is a time to let that part of you shine.

Tiger 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: There's a focus on personal relationships this year, and the energy of luck is strong in this area for Tiger natives. You can find love, or if you're already in a committed relationship, you can deepen that connection. But remember, the luck energy is there for a reason. If your impulsive, fiery nature gets out of hand, you might need a bit of luck to get out of a scrape or two.

When Mercury goes retrograde in March, you may find you're in pursuit of love (as a Tiger should be). You have spotted what you want and you’re moving in. Remember, some people can be skittish when they see a big cat charging toward them, so understand they may be hesitant at first. You might want to be a little less enthusiastic and allow this connection to strengthen organically.

If you're already in a love relationship, you find much more harmony in late May than you have in a while. Communication is flowing better. This good energy extends to your friendships as well, and you overhear someone saying particularly nice things about you and your partner.

Your love relationship is going well for most of the year. You have worked out a lot of issues, which is a credit to how loving and devoted you really are. There might be an increasing opportunity for intimacy on a deeper or more consistent level in both the physical and spiritual aspects of the relationship. You are opening the door to a more committed partnership, one in which you can feel very secure.

Tiger 2019 Health

Year of 2019: Tiger natives are known for their high energy, so vigorous exercise does your body good. Climb to new heights this year by looking into activities like diving, rock climbing, or hiking. Also look at activities that involve speed like inline skating, skateboarding, and cycling.

In early February, you could find something that really inspires you to keep your body fit. As an early adopter of anything that takes your fancy, you might be introduced to an innovation in health or fitness that you can't get out of your mind. It might stretch the budget, but you really feel this is going to be a game changer.

Around the time of the Pisces full moon in early September, the strongest positive energy is around you this month. This is a good period for increasing your sense of well-being through meditation or journaling.

Tiger 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: Finances look strong and involve big, bold thinking, perfect for Tiger natives. You can increase finances through education or gaining new skills. This can be formal education, such as getting a degree, but it also can be classes you take on the side toward a certification. Look at classes in technology or computer programs to bring you the most financial gain.

Money flows in around the time of the supermoon in early August. There is a feeling of prosperity and abundance as you see the money growing in your bank account. This can mean a promotion, better job, or great side gig has finally come through or is on the horizon.

In mid-October, around the full moon and a week or so after, Tigers are lucky around games of chance. You can invest a little, but luck comes and goes, so don't bet the farm.

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