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Rooster 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: The year 2019 marks the last of your seed-planting years. Rooster natives will have to wait many years to get another good year like this for starting new things. Anything new you want to do, this is the year to take action and get moving. You might be thinking you want a new look. This can be new clothes, changing the style or color of your hair, a new tattoo - any of these is the correct direction to go.

Roosters are more psychic this year. You seem to be tapped into the messages and signs being sent to you. You are also quite protected this year.

Opportunities will present themselves this year, but they will require action on your part to secure the benefits for yourself. Consider what you want to achieve in the year of the earth Pig. Write a list of goals (if you don't have one already – Rooster natives are more organized than many of the other signs) and review your list often.

Rooster 2019 Career

Year of 2019: There are a lot of improvements in your career this year. You have several avenues of opportunity open to you. Rooster natives can take a safe route and move toward more stability, or you can take a risk and look for bigger rewards.

There is likely a new beginning of sorts at work around the time of the new moon in April. There could be a new person starting or something new about your duties. The changes happening will bring you an opportunity a couple of months from now.

Your reputation precedes you. The work you've done in the past has been well received and you now have the “street cred” to ask for what you want.

The new moon in May marks the beginning of the most significant month of the year for Roosters. This will last until the new moon in June. Projects you've been working on can come to completion now. Opportunities you've been hoping for can now manifest. Your e-mails and phone calls can be returned. This is the time look for the job you want or ask for that raise. Review your stretch goals and reach for the stars.

Rooster 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: Rooster natives are hardworking and responsible, yet often not appreciated for this. In the year of the earth Pig, people will be after you to drop what you're working on and go play with them. You might tell them of your obligations to family and those you care you about, but people would rather spend time with you than have you off somewhere else working hard this year.

At the time of the new moon in early June, those Rooster natives looking for love can attract admirers. Your charisma is high now. You can meet many new people and perhaps find love. Put on your favorite outfit and let the world see you.

For Rooster natives in a partnership, you're challenged this year to value yourself and not remain with someone who doesn't recognize your worth. If you've been stuck in a halfway relationship for a long period, one in which the other person doesn't want to move forward but also doesn't want to end it, then consider it time to get unstuck. By freeing yourself, new opportunities will present themselves for your choosing. The old one might try to return, though it's unlikely you'll see much change in them. You can feel satisfied that perhaps they’ve seen the light.

At the full moon in mid-August, Rooster natives looking for love might be tempted to fall into bed with someone new. This is uncharacteristic of you, and it might be fine, but it may not bring a long-term relationship with this person.

Rooster 2019 Health

Year of 2019: Eating right and exercising are important this year. While Rooster natives have some extra protection in this area now, this often means you've been pushing yourself too hard for a while. Consider incorporating tiny good habits into your daily routine. Instead of trying to do two hours at the gym four days a week, commit to doing five minutes of yoga in the morning. Those five minutes are likely to feel so good that you’ll end up doing more. Same with your eating habits. Instead of going on some restrictive diet plan, try eating vegetarian one evening a week or just cutting out one junk food item.

The solar eclipse in December is the perfect time for self-care. Start with the physical and find a good spa or massage therapist to undo some of the tension you've built up over the last few months. Eat healthfully and drink water. And get more sleep.

Rooster 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: The money area for Rooster natives is highlighted with positive energy this year. If you own a business, you're in a good place to raise your prices. If you have an employer, you're likely to see an increase in your paycheck. Those who are looking for work can find several opportunities, any of which could become a full-time position.

There's energy around investing in real estate or selling land at the full moon in May. You could increase your business by moving your offices to your home. If you work at a company, you might have an opportunity to work from home.

The solar eclipse in July brings you an idea that is one of your best this year, perhaps for an investment or side business. You can gather a few like-minded people and implement your plans. Funding sources like loans and grants are also available.

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