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Rooster 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: This will be an active year for Rooster natives, just the way you like it. In metal Rat years, it pays to be alert, decisive, and brave, which are three of the outstanding qualities you possess. This year you enter a period that's easier to manage. Think of it like the beginning of summer when you can see the results of the hard work of spring planting. There's a reason to celebrate as you watch your life blossom.

You will have many opportunities to meet great people, and this can expand your circle of friends. There will likely be some travel, and you may also investigate parts of your hometown you're not familiar with. Your interests and hobbies may become more creative or just different as you break out of old patterns. Overall, you gain a lot of confidence this year as you strike out in new directions.

Luck is with you, and you feel the synchronicity of all things as chance meetings unfold to become potential opportunities. It's like the universe has read your goal list and is lining up the right set of circumstances to help you succeed. You are naturally resourceful, and it's unlikely you’ll squander any opportunities. However, it's good to focus on proven success strategies rather than doing things off the cuff.

The caution here is to not spend time on a losing enterprise no matter how much you've already invested. Cut your losses if you're not seeing results after six months or more of working on the project.

Rooster 2020 Career

Year of 2020: Rooster natives will find moving forward on career goals much easier because you have a growing skill set making you valuable to many. Keep this up. You are an unstoppable combination of analytical abilities, shrewd resourcefulness, and a really fun person to work with.

In metal Rat years, people tend to focus on success, and few things fill you with as much delight as personal achievement. Toward the end of the year, there may be changes at your company that cause you to wonder if a bigger shift in your own career trajectory is needed. Keep your ears open for signs that your company may be sold or consolidated so you can make a move if necessary.

The new moon toward the end of April gives you a boost in confidence. You may have been given a compliment by a manager or friend you admire. It's time to use this increased confidence to make some deals happen for yourself. This may be part of your job (if you're in sales, perhaps), or you may be building your own business on the side.

The new moon in May shows work heating up. You may be starting a new job or have a new project. There is a lot of movement around office work. This could mean you’re getting a new office space or redoing your home office. You like things organized so you can readily find what you need. Moving things around helps you be more efficient and makes your achievements easier for managers to see.

Rooster 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: Your love life will be a direct reflection of how you care for your own heart. It's good to treat yourself with patience, understanding, and love. This will help you welcome a relationship with a person worthy of your good nature. In the past, you may have been hard on yourself about relationships in general, but this isn’t motivating or helpful now. Like attracts like. If you love yourself, you will attract people who love you, too.

If you're dating and want to move the relationship into a monogamous or married union, you’ll need to sit down with your dating partner and have a few deep discussions. There are opportunities to move this relationship forward to a more committed partnership.

If you're already in a love relationship, you’ll find communication much improved over the last few years. You have a chance to really be united with your partner in some important aspects. You like to be right and you’re quite knowledgeable, but if the two of you are stuck on a few points, then consider compromising to find happiness with your special someone.

The new moon in late February brings you more energy, and you may want to take your beloved on a quick trip. You might look at a neighboring city or do a fast flight to a vacation destination nearby.

The full moon in early May shows love opportunities are all around you. You may be meeting new people in connection with a hobby or sport.

Rooster 2020 Health

Year of 2020: While you’re generally meticulous about your physical self, and this aids in your health, during this metal Rat year you may not be taking the time you have in the past to really care for yourself. Healthy eating helps your body and your brain. If you don't have time for meal prep, consider a meal kit service where food can be delivered to your door.

This is a good year to make a big shift in your diet, especially around June or July. You might try veganism or keto or some other limited-ingredient diet. Try it with a friend or family member for support. And consider keeping the new diet for at least a month before assessing how well it's working.

The new moon in mid-September shows your health is improving. A new diet or exercise program is starting to show some really remarkable results.

Rooster 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: Money is coming in from several avenues this year. You can add another source of income through a side job, selling off excess stuff, or through passive income generated from things like real estate. During the metal Rat year you can be very successful by taking bold action to pull people together and lead the charge. Let others know your plans, and find people who support your goals.

Your finances get better as the year goes on. You’re good at budgeting and finding excellent places to put extra cash. You can increase your passive income this year.

The full moon in early March shows improvement in your finances. Money owed or promised to you may now finally show up in your account. A small windfall is also possible.

The full moon at the end of December also shows income improving, and you can find additional money where you thought there was none.

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