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Rat 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: It's your year, the year of the metal Rat. This is the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle for Rat natives. This year you seem to connect with the right people as though your intuition magically guides you to be in the right place at the right time. This will help you in business as well as with friendships and your love life.

It's time to let go of what you've been hanging on to for the past twelve years. This includes anything you're not happy with, such as relationships, job, home, and clutter. Whatever has been slowing you down from achieving your goals will leave your life.

While you love to move quickly and you never seem to sit still for a moment, taking time to meditate on your goals is very beneficial. It's good to be clear about what you want. Consider splitting your time to pursue opportunities in several directions.

You’ll find a lot of support and resources for your aspirations this year. Your angels and guides are taking you in hand to show you the way. You’ll feel the harmony of the energies aligning to help you in your endeavors, and you can transition into new opportunities this year.

This is also a healing year for you. And while this might include the physical body, it's your spirit that is undergoing an awakening. You can take bold action this year to plant lots of seeds by trying new things and meeting new people. The more seeds you plant, the more success you'll find throughout the year.

Rat 2020 Career

Year of 2020: During this metal Rat year you may feel it's time to move on, do something different, make a change. Rat natives are bold creatures who are willing to take risks, but not unnecessary ones. Until you're certain you’ve secured a new job or a new position at your current employer, it's likely you're not giving any indication you're poised for a big change.

If you own a company, you may find yourself looking for a new manager or someone to run the day-to-day operations. This will allow you to be more creative and grow your business. If you're in a contract job, you have opportunities to reach agreements with new companies and perhaps competitors of companies you've contracted with before.

The new moon in Aquarius in late January marks a very strong period for career and reputation. You can be in the limelight, receiving accolades for work you've been doing since last year. This is a good time to parlay this positive energy into more by asking for a raise or sitting down with a manager to look at your future with the company.

The full moon in Aries at the beginning of October shows you working hard and getting good results. Progress in your job or with a business project can really go well. You may be getting praise at work, which is great, but you’d prefer to have financial rewards instead (and those are coming). An offer of another job is possible during this time. Take the interview and see what happens.

Rat 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: Romance is most definitely highlighted for Rat natives this year. You could find yourself falling into a dreamy relationship, the type you've been wishing for. Put down your romance novel, it's time for the real thing. Rat natives have an intensely romantic nature that can overwhelm some of the other signs. In a strong romance year like this one, love can come easily. Try not to fixate on one who seems less than interested. Instead, be open and welcoming to people in general and you will attract love to you.

For those who want to reunite with someone from the past, the way will be easier this year. Get a friend's advice before you reconnect, however, because a strong romance year like this one can blind you to a past lover's faults and keep you from seeing what broke you up in the first place.

The new moon in Leo in mid-August is an exceptionally strong period for love and romance. If you want to meet someone new, you need only step out the door to have the universe notice and send you interesting prospects. Get online and put a profile on the dating sites. Let your friends know you're looking for love.

The new moon in mid-October is also a powerful relationship period. If you're already in a love relationship, you may find yourself connecting on a much deeper level with your partner. You can get on the same page and align your goals. You feel more in harmony.

Rat 2020 Health

Year of 2020: You're in sync with the fast-moving energy of this metal Rat year. For you, it's go, go, go. It will be helpful for you to schedule in some downtime because you could forget to give yourself a vacation or even a day off.

The full moon in early March has some very beneficial health and wellness information coming to you from a friend. This may be some answers you've been looking for. Pay attention to the shifts in how you're feeling. These new habits or routines are making changes in your life.

The new moon in mid-September is a good period to be looking after your health. During this period you may find a new diet or exercise regimen that really captures your interest and brings some remarkably good results. This is worth the effort it takes to make this daily life change happen.

Rat 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: During this metal Rat year you may feel like doing something different with your money and make a change in your investments. Rat natives are bold creatures, willing to take risks but not unnecessary ones. You can find teachers and mentors to help you really accumulate some money this year. Rat natives can find new sources of income through business and working a side hustle.

The new moon toward the end of April is a time when your focus turns to income, and this could be one of the best money months you've had in a while. Money flows in as you increase your communication with others. For business owners, this may mean doing more marketing, and for employees, making your achievements known to management.

The blue moon on Halloween brings some changes in your finances, and there could be a potential windfall this month from a surprising source.

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