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Pig 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: After the whirlwind energy of last year, you get a welcome breather this year. The energy of change settles down (at least a bit). If you completed a lot of changes last year, such as a new job, new home, or new relationship, you’ll find lots of growth and smoother waters ahead. That said, if you made a big change last year, you may be yearning to return to something from the past. You might want to move back home or back in with an old relationship. It could be your old boss has been leaving messages in your inbox saying your past job is still available if you want it. This is all good, and you can return if you wish, but the best choice is to move forward.

You are social as always this year, and you're more than a little blessed with good friends and new acquaintances. You are the belle of the ball and can have many invitations if you wish. Additionally, you'll find some celebrities or influencers among your friends these days, and they may be willing to help you with your big goals.

There is positive energy around children, younger relatives, and pets for you this year. Your sensitive, trustworthy nature can help you create rapport with those around you. The universe is smiling at you this year. If you're looking to add to the family, this is a very good year to move forward with your plans.

Pig 2020 Career

Year of 2020: This is a metal Rat year, and it’s one in which ambition is lauded and encouraged. You may have a desire to do a creative business on the side or perhaps as your main source of income. You can find backers and supporters to help you get started this year. If you've been doing this for a while and want to increase your success, listen to the suggestions from friends. They are showing you the way.

While you can stay in your current job, movement is possible. This means you could receive a promotion or start managing a team. If you work a contract job, you’ll have more than one contract to sign this year. Because work is so available to you, negotiating will be easier this year than in previous years. You can discuss a pay raise, but the strongest energy is for more perks like a flexible schedule.

The new moon in mid-July indicates a past boss or colleague may reach out with a job offer for you. Or if you own a business, a great customer could be returning to do business with you again.

The full moon at the beginning of October shows blocks are removed and energy flows forward. You may be tapped for a promotion or a new set of responsibilities. This could be at work or with an organization you belong to. It's a good idea to state what you really want at the start of the negotiations. Know that you might have to compromise a bit in the end.

Pig 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: This year is a good love and romance year for Pig natives. For those of you already in a love relationship, there's a lot of joy this year. You made a lot of changes last year, and because of this you’re more confident and happier in general. This is having a positive effect on your love relationship. Your partner thinks you look better than ever. Romance can blossom, and you may find yourself chasing your partner around the bed. It's good to use this energy to explore a more intimate relationship by focusing on what you love about each other. Let go of fears and insecurities. And when the lights go out, snuggle up together.

Your powers of attraction are high, and the universe is listening if you want to attract a sweetheart. This is a good year to put your wishes in writing. Write not only what you want in a partner but also how you could meet this person.

The full moon in early March shows your relationship boundaries are threatening to collapse. You may have met someone who is sweeping you off your feet. You may be falling back into an old pattern of giving too much. Romance is fine, but don't lose yourself in the process.

The new moon in mid-August highlights improvements in your love relationship as you do something mundane together with your partner. Fold the laundry, clean out the garage, or harvest the veggies from your garden, but do it together and you’ll feel your love life improve.

Pig 2020 Health

Year of 2020: Last year was a busy year, and you may have worn yourself out a bit. Now you’re faced with the rapidly moving metal Rat energy. Be kind to yourself and schedule a vacation as early in the year as you can. If it's possible, gather some friends for an informal retreat, maybe to a snowy cabin in the woods where you can have some quiet time by the fire with people you love.

The full moon in early April shows your sleep can improve when you update your bedroom or get a new pillow. Look at your evening routine and see what could change to help you wind down from the day.

The full moon in late December highlights that you need some rest. Consider taking a “personal day” to rejuvenate yourself. Go to a spa or just stay home in your PJs and chill. Also, take your vitamins.

Pig 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: Money from your career is quite strong. At the beginning of the year, you could receive a windfall or find that money owed to you from years ago now starts to come in. In the middle of the year, the energy grows stronger, and you might need to find a financial planner to help you with calculating and placing funds in the right investment buckets. Toward the end of the year, you see the increase is quite good. Crush those inner fears of doubt and insecurity. Trade those in for positive feelings of joy and inspiration.

The full moon in early February shows finances improving. You might have some extra spending money this month. It's good to keep your long-term goals in mind when you're deciding where to put that money.

The new moon in late April indicates that you can gain wealth-building opportunities by doing the spiritual component. Try some feng shui to attract money energy using money cats, lucky frogs, or strings of coins.

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