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Pig 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: Congratulations! It's your year, the year of the earth Pig. No matter what element you were born under - wood, fire, earth, metal, or water - this is a very significant year for you. You are beginning a new twelve-year cycle. Pigs, most likely, will want to throw off the old and welcome the new. This will be stuff you no longer use or want, but it also could mean ending a relationship, changing jobs, moving, or becoming a new you. This is your choice to do or not do. You can make the changes that make sense to you now and continue changing for the better over the next couple of years.

Jupiter is the planet that bestows luck, and this year Jupiter has returned to the place it was when you were born. This means you have more luck. You can expand your life in many directions, all while having your own guardian angel watching over you.

Pig 2019 Career

Year of 2019: Luck falls in your area of career this year. Your reputation is strong and you are noticed for your skills, experience, and ability to get along with others. Pig natives can be seen as assets of the company. Management knows you're valuable, and this gives you an opportunity to make reasonable requests. This can lead to an opportunity to work from home, gain assistance in the office, or get a new computer on your desk.

The new moon in March begins a four-week period in which to attend business networking meetings and join professional organizations. If you're looking for employment, this is your time to knock on the doors of companies you’d like to work for. Look at professional directories and make sure your info is up to date. Freshen your online profile. Contact a headhunter.

The period of the full moon in June and the next three weeks is one of the most significant times of the year for Pig natives. You have a lot of protection around you now, so you can take risks in your career. Whether or not you’re currently employed, this is a good time to reach out to prospective employers, headhunters, and HR people and say what you want. If you own a business, look to form a partnership with a related business.

Pig 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: As your new twelve-year cycle begins, those Pig natives already in a love relationship can steer that relationship to happier waters. You can make changes in yourself, suggest them to your partner, and get some real results. You can also spend more time together this year, while in previous years you may have been separated by varying schedules or family obligations. You'll be closer in both mind and body.

The full moon in March, marking the first day of spring (or autumn, if you're south of the equator), brings a period of harmonious energy for you and your partner. This positive energy extends to your friends as well. Friends and most of your family members are supporting you and your relationship. It's a good time to be social. Consider attending parties or celebratory events like weddings and graduations (or at least accept the invitations for future events).

For those Pigs looking for love, this is a very positive year. At the time of the full moon in May, you have a particularly good period that may extend through June to the solar eclipse in July. A love opportunity could come through an old friendship. This might be a friend introducing you or perhaps you find love with the friend.

There's a strong desire this year to nest at home. But your love relationship is strengthened by traveling together. Plan a trip or two, even if it's just to a neighboring town, and spend a night in a new bed.

Pig 2019 Health

Year of 2019: This year, you’re reminded of the need to care for your body. You may feel tired as the year begins, but your energy will return soon. Stay hydrated and book yourself a massage to get your energy flowing.

The new moon in early April marks a period when Pig natives feel healthier. You might be eating better and exercising more now. Yoga, dancing, and swimming are particularly highlighted. Pig natives are known for their graceful movements.

The period of the new moon in November and a week or two after shows a connection with ancestors, bringing with it insights into yourself. There could be talk of relatives who died long before you were born. You might visit the place where your people come from. You may find a resemblance in a very old picture. Connecting to those who have gone before encourages you to eat healthfully and take care of yourself for future generations.

Pig 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: Pig natives have a lot of energy when it comes to creating and accumulating money this year. You are taking focused action to acquire, where in past years you may have just spent funds or run up charges. Money is now flowing to rather than away from you.

The full moon in April marks a good time to cut spending on recurring bills or raise your prices if you work for yourself. Even if you save just a few dollars a month, it all adds up.

The new moon in May shows you to be financially on track to do better this year than last year. The universe could offer you an opportunity that seems completely out of left field. This could come from a friend of a friend. It might be outside your field, but it isn’t outside your skill set. It's good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally.

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