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Ox 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: You are a bright star shining in the heavens this year. You're the hardworking Ox who usually never lifts your head from the task at hand. This year, you find yourself receiving recognition for your efforts. The body of work and skills you've amassed are now seen by the world (or at least your niche), and you may be elevated in status.

You'll receive gifts this year. Luck falls in your area of resources from others, but this means what you’re given is at the whim of the giver. Make your wishes and requests, but know there's a reason for what shows up at your door. What may not seem useful to you at first could become a crucial piece that you need.

Reaching out to friends who live far away can make a lot of connections in places you've never visited before. Worlds can open up when you step out your door.

Ox 2019 Career

Year of 2019: Career energy is very favorable for the Ox this year. You are picked out from the crowd for opportunities. Connections you've made in the past come forward to help you up the ladder. The one thing really propelling you to success is change.

There's a lot of action happening behind the scenes. You may be taking pains to be fully prepared and this is bringing you success. The hours you spend getting yourself organized and ready for action pay off considerably this year.

The end of July and early August mark a point of career opportunity. If you're seeking a job, there's a good chance a request for an interview or even an offer will arrive in your inbox.

For those Ox natives who are employed, Mercury retrograde in November brings a period of opportunity to move up in the company, transfer to a better team, or secure a position that allows you to work from home. This might be the result of actions you took weeks or months before. All your careful preparation pays off when you’re invited by a superior to take a risk and do something that helps your career. While the duties are new, you’re up to the challenge.

Ox 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: Those Ox natives in a partnership can find a lot of fun things to do together this year that involve travel with another couple and/or traveling to see longtime friends. There is a lot of energy around going places - even local spots - and doing new things. Consider visiting historical landmarks, ancestral homes, or scenic parks and letting the peaceful surroundings bring the two of you closer together. This helps create wonderful memories.

Around the month of September, Ox natives in a love relationship who want to take it to the next level have an opportunity to deepen the relationship from their own sofa. Turn off the TV and spend a little time complimenting each other. It can do wonders for your love life (in and out of the bedroom).

Single Ox natives can meet at least one prospective partner - and perhaps several - if you start going to new places, ones with lots of energy. Consider lively happy hours, outdoor concerts, charity runs, and community events. By varying your routine, you put yourself in the path of love. While there, smile at the world and be open to talking to people who strike up a conversation.

During the Mercury retrograde period in July, there is an opportunity for a friendship to turn into love. Sparks could fly with a person you've known for a while. Retrograde energy can bring some issues around appointments and make it difficult to show up on time. Don't let this get in the way of what could be a joyful connection.

Ox 2019 Health

Year of 2019: This year, Ox natives can benefit from new health routines and habits. Earth Pig years are good years to positively impact your diet by adding more veggies – literally, foods that come from the earth. Ox natives are great at forming and keeping habits. Make changes in this area during the Mercury retrograde periods in March, July, or November, and you will find yourself very able to maintain this lifestyle change.

New information about your health comes to you from a class or a book around the time of the July eclipses. Even an article in a magazine might inspire you. Applying this new idea can lead you to a breakthrough when it comes to your health.

Look at your sleep patterns this year and figure out how you can get better quality rest. Perhaps a new mattress, new sleeping arrangement, or daily nap is what's needed. This is particularly important around the time of the solar eclipse in December.

Ox 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: While most of your money is made through your career this year, you do have an opportunity to receive or make money from other sources. In earth Pig years, the harmonious energy allows you to find moneymaking opportunities when you set your heart and mind to the task.

In March, when Uranus goes into Taurus to stay, you can receive inspiration from the most unexpected sources. You might have dreams or wake in the morning with thoughts of the actions to take. Windfalls are possible in June as Venus exits Taurus.

Your luck this year falls in the area of resources from others. Ask and you can receive. This means Ox natives can apply for grants, loans, scholarships, and funding for things like education and businesses. Don't stop at one offering, but keep asking and finding more sources. You can capitalize on this luck.

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