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Monkey 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: You are supported by the energy of the metal Rat year. You’re mentally quick as well as good at taking action. You're great at finding solutions, and others value your abilities this year. Everyone will be looking for the best and quickest way to get things done, and you'll lead the charge. There will be things you do behind the scenes this year. People will only see the tip of the iceberg, and you'll give the impression that it's all effortless. You’ll impress many and have fun showing off the completed work without having anyone see you sweat.

This year you could be doing lots of creative projects at work and at home. You have lots of friends to see and things to do. There are also activities with the family and extended family. You are busy. It will be important for you to know your priorities because you can move in any direction you like this year. You want to use your precious time for the activities that will be the most beneficial and fulfilling.

You have confidence in yourself this year, even more so than last year. Your ability to see solutions will be valued. But even more obvious is your ease with being the center of attention. Monkey natives will be asked to lead something important this year, perhaps a team at work, your local networking group, or perhaps the next family reunion. Leadership is where you shine. Bring it on.

Monkey 2020 Career

Year of 2020: In lucky years like this one, you can keep your current job and wait for opportunities to land at your feet. Keep your resume updated for the chance meeting that lets you know there's an opening at the company you want to work for. Keep a vision board or list of goals current so the universe knows what you want. This will help you recognize it when an opportunity shows up. Things will come in threes. If one job offer doesn't hit the salary you're looking for, just wait a bit. A couple more offers are coming.

If you do decide to stay in your current position, there will be changes in your daily work routine. You might be able to secure a more flexible schedule or work from home. Look at how changes in technology are freeing you from your desk and from having to attend boring meetings.

The new moon at the lunar new year on January 24, brings a potential financial opportunity, one that just lands in your lap. This is where you can put to work some of your soft skills like your extraordinary ability to read people and your expertise at sales.

The new moon in late April may change what you do at work or perhaps change who you work with. These changes will be beneficial, but they may rattle some of your co-workers. Use this change to gauge the future of this company and perhaps the industry itself. You're a wise Monkey native with great instincts. Don't stay in a place that's in decline.

Monkey 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: This year has some intense romance energy for you. If you're in a relationship and want to take it to the next level, this is a great year to move in together, get engaged, or tie the knot. The relationship grows stronger as you discuss your values and dreams for the future with your darling.

When it comes to your relationship, there's a benefit in being open about your finances. Monkey natives are quite shrewd with their money. It's good to see if your prospective partner is as clever with money as you are.

It's a good year to introduce your beloved to your extended family and friends. And this is an excellent year for blending a family. If you both have kids from other relationships, this is the time to start scheduling family events together.

Monkey natives who are looking for love have many opportunities to meet new people through online apps and events in the neighborhood. You can actually find someone as spontaneous and resourceful as you are. You don't have to settle this year. You might find love through an introduction from a friend or sibling.

The new moon in late February brings strong romance energy. If you're looking for love, ask someone out. If you're already in a love relationship, you might move this relationship forward by now talking about marriage or living together.

The full moon in early August shows your love relationship is much improved. There's a reason to celebrate your relationship because it's getting better due to the work you're putting in.

Monkey 2020 Health

Year of 2020: Monkey natives are naturally competitive, and so is the metal Rat energy of this year. You can use this energy to improve your health substantially by challenging yourself to be consistent in your eating habits and exercise routines. Make an announcement of your goals on social media and do updates on your progress. You can have success this year.

If you lose steam on your health goals, the period when Mercury is retrograde, at the end of October and early November, can get you back on track. If you've fallen off good eating habits or your exercise program, use this period of helpful energy to help you feel ready to try again.

The solar eclipse in mid-December shows a shift in your outlook. Your confidence surges and you feel like you can take on the world. Looking after your body now will bring you great results.

Monkey 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: Prosperity energy is strong for you this year. In metal Rat years, most everyone is concerned with making a buck, and your lightning-quick instincts spot opportunities, your eager ears pick up new ideas, and your willingness to put yourself forward puts you at the head of the line.

This is a good year to cut spending, especially by not buying more things when you already have lots of things. If your garage is stuffed, if you have a storage unit or two, if you have a large dwelling with full closets, it might be time to release excess stuff before you acquire more.

The new moon in late March brings a possible financial windfall. Seeds you planted years ago can now bloom into profits.

The new moon in mid-July highlights your spending. It's time to go back on a budget. This is potentially a very good money year, so move the flow of money into useful places to bring yourself success.

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