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Monkey 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: This is a fortunate year for Monkey natives, though there will be some challenges. Earth Pig energy is very grounded and likes to nest at home, which is quite the opposite of your competitive, fidgety nature. You are the most adaptable of all the signs. You're a problem solver and curious about what's what, so you can shift your actions to accommodate this new energy with no trouble.

There is strong fertility energy for Monkeys this year. If you want to have a child, then press forward and take the actions you know to be correct. Clear your head of negative thoughts and do positive affirmations instead. If a child isn't what you want, you could add a pet to the household this year, or you may welcome a grandchild. There might be a close connection with a child through someone in your church, school, or neighborhood.

Monkey 2019 Career

Year of 2019: The symbol of luck falls directly on your career this year. Monkey natives have the charisma and knowledge to get and retain the job you want. If you're looking for a position with a large company, you'll see a door open to you in March or early April. If you want a job with a smaller firm, this positive period extends all the way to May.

Monkey natives are wonderful teachers and amazing salespeople. This year, during the time of the earth Pig, increasing your skills in technology will benefit you greatly. Classes leading to a degree or certification are worth the investment this year.

Employed Monkey natives most likely have a full year of steady employment. If you're working part-time, you might be offered a full-time position, although you might not want to take it because your side hustle is starting to bring in more money. You might be tutoring on the side, teaching music, or working as a personal trainer.

Mercury retrograde in November brings a job opportunity back to you that you considered last year. The opening is there if you want to try for it, but you also have the option to stay where you are.

Monkey 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: Relationships are particularly good for Monkey natives this year. You always have a knack for getting along with people, but the energy of the earth Pig year is so social and relaxed that you feel very much in your element.

The week leading up to the full moon in March is quite a good period. If you're already in a love relationship, you can be happy bringing a spark of excitement to the relationship by going to new places. If you can't travel together, try exploring what your town has to offer. Make it a point to visit new restaurants.

At the new moon in June and for a couple of weeks after there will be some significant opportunities for Monkey natives looking for love. You can meet several new people who either are interested in you or who direct you to people who are. Love can be found close to home. Look at visiting your local community center, attending concerts in the park, or taking dance lessons at a local dance studio.

There's a small blip in the positive energy when a bit of trouble visits the Monkey’s door. This is possibly caused by you focusing on winning an argument rather than keeping the peace. This energy occurs around the time of the solar eclipse in December. Eclipses are intense periods of disruption and change for everyone. Make a note of this in your calendar and avoid disagreements if at all possible. Remember, it's better to be happy than right.

Monkey 2019 Health

Year of 2019: Monkey natives enjoy good health this year. Staying active is the key. This helps both your body and your mood.

The new moon in March begins a period of letting go of bad habits. Now is the time to cultivate a positive daily routine. This might mean getting up earlier and not staying up all night watching videos or playing online games. This means taking care of yourself by staying hydrated, eating your veggies, and exercising.

Around the time of the full moon in mid-October, Monkey natives who usually have an endless supply of energy could have a strong desire to hibernate. You need some downtime as you process a few things that happened over the last few months and decide what it means for your future. Take naps if you can. Also look into getting yourself a better bed or at least a more comfortable pillow.

Monkey 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: There is a lot of energy around finances this year. Monkey natives have an opportunity to make up some lost ground from last year. You might have to hustle, but that's nothing for high-energy Monkeys. Plus, you know how to work smart rather than work hard.

The full moon in mid-May begins a full month of setting up future money opportunities. Plant seeds this month. Contact people in related fields. Send out sales or speaking proposals. Now is the time to create some stretch goals for yourself for the year. As the universe sees you taking action, it will send energy to help.

The lunar eclipse in July brings change energy that falls in your area of finance and investments. Be flexible now. Look at whether investments need to be moved around or turned into cash to wait for a better opportunity. Be mindful of your money and you'll profit later.

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