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Horse 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: In an earth Pig year, Horse natives will need to make some life adjustments. This is not a big issue because horses can turn on a dime. Staying flexible when it comes to your short-term goals will serve you well, and you'll easily be able to stay on track with long-term goals. Gut feelings will be key this year. Practice being aware of nature and the signs. Trust your intuition and move in the direction the wind seems to be blowing.

Horses have luck with neighbors this year. You have the opportunity to make friends with some people who live close by. This can add to your sense of community and help everyone in the neighborhood feel at home.

You also have favored partnerships now, especially in business. If you've thought about starting a venture with a friend or relative, this is the right time to get things going.

Horse 2019 Career

Year of 2019: Your employment is steady this year, but you do seem a little bored at times. Horse natives might want to spice things up with a creative side hustle or consider selling objects you make. You also have a possible opportunity to work at home if you look around.

In early May, around the time of the new moon, you find the strongest career energy of the year. Use this time to ask for a raise or seek a new position. If you work for a large company, consider transferring to another department or office. If you own a business, this is a good time to launch a new product or service.

If you're looking for employment, July brings opportunities, even ones you thought were lost. To capitalize on this period, post resumes online and submit applications before July begins. By July 1, have your interview outfit pressed and ready to go.

The full moon in mid-October is a period when your luck is doubled. Things come to you in pairs. If you get a new client, you will probably get a second. Get a yes to a sales proposal and you'll likely get another. This might be a good time to take business risks.

Horse 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: For Horse natives, the relationships area in your chart shows high activity. If you're dating and want to take your relationship to the next level, such as live together or even get married, you could find your significant other bringing up the subject. There may have been hesitation in the past, but now both of you are ready to move forward – well, mostly. This will be a process of starts and stops. Be patient.

For those Horse natives looking for a love relationship, you may be struck by Cupid's arrow in mid-February, and toward the end of the month find yourself quite enamored. It will be a shock because this is not your usual type of relationship - you're quite outside your comfort zone. Take a chance and go out with the person anyway.

The full moon in June and the three weeks afterward is a period of sensual, physical energy, which could lead to some fun behind closed doors. This is also a good time to explore hot tubs, couples’ massage, and the magic of scented oils. This could take your existing love relationship to a whole new level.

This year, your home life is highlighted with people coming in and out. A roommate or adult child might move in. There could be the addition of a pet. There is also the strong possibility of relatives visiting. Toward the end of the year, activities turn to renovation or redecorating. This is a good time to get things in the house squared away and add some fresh new d├ęcor.

Horse 2019 Health

Year of 2019: Horse natives usually enjoy exercise, but you can sometimes overdo it. A new activity that you have fallen in love with takes up much of your time and possibly a good amount of money. Of course, the fun of it all makes up for the expense. If it's a very physical activity, remember to stretch.

The new moon in Aries around the beginning of April brings Horses inspiration about the concept of self-acceptance. You are quick to give others a pass, yet you can be quite exacting toward yourself. This realization opens your eyes to how you perceive much of your life. By shifting how you see yourself, you bring positive energy to your body and spirit.

December is a very fortunate month for Horse natives, especially those who want to initiate some changes. This is a good month to change your eating habits or daily routine.

Horse 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: The year starts out a bit slowly for Horse natives in the area of finance, but picks up speed as the year progresses. With some large purchases out of the way (there might be a renovation project at home), money can now flow into investment accounts and start to work for you.

At the full moon time in November and a week or so following, a positive change in finances appears. You have an opportunity to increase your income or your return on an investment. There could be a tip from a close friend who's knowledgeable on the subject of finance.

Horses finish the year on a positive note. There is a good chance of a small windfall as well. Plus, you are feeling quite rich this holiday time because you are surrounded by friends and family. You see you have made gains this year, and there is positive energy going forward into the next.

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