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Goat 2020 Overview

Year of 2019: While the energy of an earth Pig year is quite harmonious for sensitive, home-loving Goat natives, this year starts off with some focused energy. You are most likely very busy at work or with your daily duties. Others in your life are disrupting your routine and making it a challenge to get everything done that you want to get done. Over the years, you've experienced positive luck when you've needed it. Luck returns to you this year despite other people dismantling your systems and changing your schedule.

There is a lot of energy around travel. Goats could be taking short and long trips this year to visit friends and new places. There is also the likelihood that people you know will come to visit you or will move to a nearby town. You could find that a distant relative settles quite close to you. And a visit to an older relative might turn out to give you some important insight into your family history.

Goat 2020 Career

Year of 2019: There are changes at work this year, especially around co-workers. If you've had problems with a particular person at your job, that problem seems to be going away this year. Once you're clear of that issue, it would be wise for Goats write down what you do want in a co-worker and send that message to the universe through prayer or meditation.

The full moon in mid-May sees an easy solution to an issue at work if you speak up. Challenge those who don't give you credit for the work you're doing. Make sure your manager knows how hard you're working.

For Goat natives looking for employment, you have several opportunities between August 1 and October 15. This is a good time to make sure you post your resume with employment websites and submit online applications. Post a profile on business-related social media sites. And you could have great success if you enlist the help of a headhunter.

Goat 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: The Goat’s loving nature and generous heart are rewarded this year with some happy relationship energy. But even though things are going well, you still have your worries. Calm your mind by regularly sitting down for a chat with your partner. This will help strengthen your bond and give you a chance to catch and deal with issues early before they get out of hand.

The full moon in mid-April begins a great period for those who are looking for love. Try showing up unexpectedly at some new places. If you've told your friends you can't make a party, show up anyway. Wear more of the color red this month and get noticed. You could attract a love possibility to you, one that turns into a long-term relationship.

The full Moon in July that marks the lunar eclipse is a time for Goat natives to reveal emotions and deep desires. There is a lot of positive intimate energy for you and your partner now. You can have fun after dark with your sweetheart - and breakfast in bed the next morning followed by a wonderful conversation. This is a time when you and your partner can grow closer together.

Goat natives feel more at home as the year progresses. You sense more security in your love relationship. In addition, you experience more support for the partnership from family and extended family. There is acceptance and even harmony as the year concludes. This can help make the holidays truly joyful.

Goat 2020 Health

Year of 2019: For Goat natives, your health and well-being improve. This is a positive year for you physically. You're able to find the medical help you need. You are likely to have assistance at home whenever you ask. This is a good year for you to take up meditation or another activity that promotes inner peace. Your quality of sleep improves, perhaps because you purchase a new bed or better pillow.

The full moon in the middle of February and the two weeks following bring improvement in a health situation concerning you or someone you care about. You can find and begin a proper course of action at this time. It's a good idea to clear up any anger around this situation if possible. This will help speed healing.

The full moon in November begins a good month for Goat natives to consider taking some time off. Lie on the sofa and read a good book. You might not be able to take off a whole month, but try to take some time away from work.

Goat 2020 Wealth

Year of 2019: This year, luck falls in the area of finances for Goat natives. This can mean windfalls and money coming to you easily. You'll be tempted to spend more, which could mean that by year's end you don't see the gains you made. Be cautious when spending.

The new moon in early April marks a period when your finances grow stronger. Now is a good time to look at your investment strategies. Goats have new opportunities emerging in this area. You might want to interview a new investment adviser or open your first brokerage account.

The new moon in June and the two weeks following show protection around your money. You are covered in the area of finances now. Goats have good sense when it comes to bringing in money. Look for additional sources of income. A friend or sibling will suggest a side business. Consider it carefully instead of just saying no.

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