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Dragon 2019 Overview

Year of 2019: While the energy of the earth Pig year is very different than Dragon energy – really different - the secret is to simply adjust whenever you run into a block. Do this and you will prosper this year. Dragon natives are used to getting what they want. But with your nearly prophetic abilities and creative ideas, you can take what's handed to you this year and turn it into the opportunities of the decade.

Your daily routine is highlighted. This means you want to break your goals down into small tasks that you can tackle in a short amount of time. You can accomplish more in ten minutes of focused action than most people can in a couple of hours.

Luck is in your area of risk-taking. You can take calculated risks this year and see it really pay off. This means stretching yourself to reach the highest goals in your work and social life.

Dragon 2019 Career

Year of 2019: The year of the earth Pig starts out strong for Dragon natives in the area of career. You are noticeable, and you're given recognition for a project or performance. There is positive notice from someone in a position of power or a person you admire. This is the year to reach out to someone you want to connect with no matter how important they are.

The May full moon and the few weeks following the phase find you in the limelight. This distinction is thrust upon you by someone making you the leader of an organization or president of a club or giving you an award. Accept this as an honor. If it comes with lots of duties, find people to whom you can delegate some tasks. A little admiration never hurts a Dragon.

At the time of the July solar eclipse, hold on to your hat! The winds of change are here. Change energy in your career could mean that you get a new job or promotion. If you stay in your present position, it's quite possible you’ll get a new manager as well as a new co-worker. If you work at home or for yourself, it would be a good idea to change up your office. Tell favorite clients you are now accepting new clients and ask them to refer you.

Dragon 2019 Love & Romance

Year of 2019: This is a powerful relationship year for Dragons. There are opportunities involving all kinds of relationships and partnerships. This can mean luck in your love life, business partnerships, close friendships, and strategic mentorships. But remember that this is also a year of compromise. You won't get every single thing you want, but you can negotiate to improve your love life and other types of relationships.

For Dragon natives looking for love, seek new connections in places where people work and work out. Check out health spas, yoga centers, hiking clubs, and martial arts studios. In addition, you can find some interesting possibilities at business networking groups and in city centers. Try having a weekday lunch in your town’s business district.

The December full moon shines a bright spotlight on your love life, highlighting your current partnership. You may have a person in your life who has your best interests at heart even though he or she may not do things exactly the way you want (or even close). This relationship will grow closer if you can compromise in some areas.

If you're looking for love, the whole month of December is a marvelous period in which to meet new and interesting people. Consider going to parties and charity events. Attend social events at church or spiritual events in your community. Wear bright colors, especially royal blue, to be noticed and appreciated.

Dragon 2019 Health

Year of 2019: The energy around your well-being is focused on finding balance. First, in a literal sense, this is about practicing balance. This could be done by skating, skateboarding, surfing, or skiing. You might get a balance board to try at home when the weather doesn't allow for your favorite outdoor activities.

In mid-February, adjusting an exercise program or active hobby is beneficial and could lead to a new friendship. Joy from close friendships is better than the best healing balm. Look into joining group workouts or classes. If you start a program and find yourself having trouble keeping up with the routine, restart it during the period of Mercury retrograde in March. Actions taken during Mercury retrograde are often repeated.

There is a good deal of energy around cooking for you this year. A fire-breathing Dragon should know how to cook. Consider adding more veggies and fruits to your daily fare. Cool your fire by staying hydrated.

Dragon 2019 Wealth

Year of 2019: You show an increase in your finances this year - and an increase in spending, especially on loved ones and friends. Your generous nature (and love of parties) is showing. And while this may be a worthy use of your money, you might want to funnel a little toward your savings account, too.

The new moon in March begins four weeks of positive money energy for you, especially regarding income sources directly tied to your job or side business. This is less about winning money and more about landing the client or racking up the sales.

At the April full moon, you begin a three-week financially beneficial period. You have opportunities to increase your income or reap a windfall. Investments can do well or you can find better places to put your money so it will work harder for you. The risks you've taken over the last months are showing signs of success.

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