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Dragon 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: Dragon natives are in harmony with the fast-moving energy this year. You have no trouble keeping up with all of the opportunities around you. In this metal Rat year, the world is interested in your ideas and willing to help. Any part of your life that has been stuck can get unstuck. You’re turning coal into diamonds by being disciplined and following a path you truly care about. You can find success by taking decisive action and moving quickly when you see an opening.

There is quite an emphasis on social activities as well as home and family. This, along with your work schedule and other obligations, keeps you quite busy. Even though your schedule is tight, you may have more than one celebration that you host in your home this year.

You may be making some big changes, especially in your goals. If you've wanted to be in the public eye, you may get a chance to be on stage or singled out for some award. As a Dragon native, you never mind the limelight. With this year’s harmonious metal Rat energy, the recognition you receive is well deserved.

You can tap into resources that others offer to you. You can find people to help you with your social media presence, build a business, or, if you want, help you build a house. All these people ask is to be included in your life as you rise to the top.

Dragon 2020 Career

Year of 2020: Last year was busy and this year that energy continues; however, now luck is in your corner. This year you can be in the right place at the right time to achieve a cherished goal. The universe will point the way through signs, and there will be people who pop up to guide you. Watch for unusual coincidences and chance meetings.

By using your vast creative abilities and tapping in to the helpful people around, you can start to see some real career success. It's good to be very social this year. The more people you meet and the more you proclaim your goals to the world, the more opportunities that will arise.

If you're looking to change jobs, you have quite a few options to choose from. You may look for a job that offers a lot of flexibility in the schedule. You would be able to work when you want, giving you time for a pet project. On the other hand, you can also find jobs that pay well, especially in sales, IT, and marketing. These may have a strict schedule to adhere to but lots of financial incentives for you.

The new moon in late April shows you receiving recognition for a job well done. You’re singled out from the crowd as being special and talented.

The full moon in early May brings a job opportunity if you want it. You may also stay where you are as your popularity at your current job is growing. What's needed now is a clear set of goals from you. Give the universe something to work with.

Dragon 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: You’re in harmony with the metal Rat energy, and this is giving a boost to your charm and charisma. You can be a love magnet this year. For those Dragon natives already in a love relationship, you can grow much closer by joining together on a new and exciting goal. Focus on achieving something as a couple, such as saving money for a big purchase or running a marathon. You can make marvelous memories with activities like these.

This is a good year to be looking for love because you’ll have opportunities for a special relationship. Be open to a very different kind of friendship than you've had before. Dragon natives don't like repeating themselves, especially if the last relationship didn't go so well. Now synchronicity puts you in the path of people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Love can be found with people who have very different hobbies, upbringing, or ethnicity to your own. This will bring a lot of excitement to the relationship.

The full moon in early August is wonderful if you're looking for love. Consider going to places where people are creative, such as art shows, theaters, and photography clubs. Mingle with people and make a point of talking to anyone you find attractive. Your smile lights up the room. It's a good time to be seen.

The full moon at the beginning of September can bring a friendship that takes a romantic turn. If you're already in a love relationship, use caution here. This might be a temporary infatuation.

Dragon 2020 Health

Year of 2020: Protection moves into your area of health this year. This means you can get very good results from healthful activities, such as eating your veggies and doing gentle (though fun) exercises. You can find helpful doctors and medical practitioners. For any issues you've been dealing with, you can find really helpful solutions this year.

The new moon in late May gives you access to someone with knowledge who may have a way for you to go forward. Take their advice to heart. Try to incorporate the new routines they suggest.

The lunar eclipse in early July indicates you need a break. A short vacation would be good now. This could be traveling a short distance to a lake, into the mountains, or to the seaside. You could hole up at home, but a change of routine is really what you need, so if you're planning to stay home, try to find a way to mix things up.

Dragon 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: This is a harmonious year for your ability to make and accumulate money. This means you're likely to end the year with more money in the bank and investments than when you started. And while this isn't accomplished on autopilot, it won't take a lot of sweat this year to find good, passive income sources and have the funds to capitalize on them.

The new moon in late February highlights your finances. You have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to an investment or money professional that few get to know. Even if you don't feel prepared, it's good to investigate this opportunity.

The lunar eclipse in early June is a strong financial period for Dragon natives. You can make changes in spending that will materially help your bottom line by the end of the year. Look at automating your bills and savings plans. Avoid impulse buying now.

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