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Dog 2020 Overview

Year of 2020: As the year of the metal Rat unfolds, you find your life is improving in most areas. You’ll want to do as many new things during this time as you can. This can mean starting a new business, meeting new people, and/or moving to a new city. You may have been trying to do some of these things over the last year or two, but this year the obstacles clear away and you have a straight, visible path in front of you. Dog natives are methodical, and you can experience much progress and success when you have a plan. You have good instincts, too. Once the plan is set, trust your gut and move forward with all speed.

The fast-moving energy of the metal Rat is a pace that you, Dog native, can certainly keep up with if you choose. You can also hang back at times and wait for opportune moments. What you want will present itself, whether that is a job opportunity, housing option, new friend, or creative project. Then you can spring into action and fearlessly round up what you want for yourself. During this period you’ll have more energy when you need it. And when you feel you need a break, you’ll be able to take time to recharge your batteries.

You are more disciplined and even stoic this year. You’re naturally responsible and conscientious, and now these qualities pay real dividends in your work and relationships.

Dog 2020 Career

Year of 2020: This year you have more of a feeling of being on track career-wise than you may have felt before. You’re in harmony with the energies of the universe, and if what others are planning for you isn’t to your liking, you have the power and ability to change directions to suit yourself.

There are several job openings available to you if you want them. Post your updated resume on job websites and watch for contact from headhunters. It's good to refresh your technology skills or fill in any holes in your knowledge. Free education in all things tech is available online. Just ask your favorite search engine.

This is also a good year to work on a side hustle, especially one you deeply love and believe in. You may not have made much money on this passion project in the past, but this year you can make some substantial gains if you put in the time. You can make leaps forward by reaching out and connecting to influencers in your field.

The new moon in late February has quite good energy for your career. You can secure a better job or get a raise at work. It will take a little effort to ask for the job or the increase, but the signs are favorable and you’re naturally skilled at negotiation.

The new moon in mid-November brings you recognition for a job well done. Your popularity at work increases. A manager or superior acknowledges you and may pull you aside to discuss your future with the firm.

Dog 2020 Love & Romance

Year of 2020: Relationship energy is quite stable this year. If you're in a love relationship, you may be settling quite comfortably into a routine with your beloved. You have good conversations and lots in common, and you do fun things together. You may want to occasionally pull yourself out of your routine and spice things up with an outing or some late-night lovemaking, but for the most part you’re likely feeling a comfortable connection with your partner.

If you're looking for love, the energy of the metal Rat year can bring you someone who's truly a great match for you. It's a good idea to meet lots of people and have friends help you search as well. You have good instincts about people in general, but your natural modesty can cause you to need a friend to point you in the direction of love. Trust your friends, they can help you in this area.

The full moon in early February shows your confidence improving. If you're looking for love, this is a good time to get out into the world. You can meet new people at sporting events, conferences, and other places where lots of people gather. You are magnetic now. Allow people to come to you.

The new moon in late May brings happy times with a lover. If you want to take this relationship to the next level, you can start to talk about it. Changes may not happen during this period, but at least the discussion has begun.

Dog 2020 Health

Year of 2020: Dog natives sometimes lack consistency when it comes to taking care of the physical stuff. You may swing from periods of intense self-care to focusing completely on other people and neglecting yourself. During a metal Rat year, your attention turns back to taking care of your physical body through healthy eating and exercise. This is a good thing.

The full moon in early May is marked by lots of healing energy available to you. If you've been looking for a good doctor or medical advice, you can find it.

Restful sleep is a priority this year. In the frenetic energy of the metal Rat year, you may want to create a sleep sanctuary for yourself. Look at redecorating your bedroom in peaceful colors. Replace the mattress if it's uncomfortable. This is especially important when your life gets very busy in July. You’ll be more able to pounce on opportunities if you've had a good night's sleep.

Dog 2020 Wealth

Year of 2020: Money prospects are good this year, and you have opportunities to bring your finances closer in line with the lifestyle vision you want. In metal Rat years, there's quite an emphasis on acquiring money, and you’ll see many people running after it with great energy. It's better for you to stick to your goals rather than join the crowd to chase after get-rich-quick schemes or empty promises from fast-talking salespeople.

The new moon in late March brings you a financial tip from a TV show or movie. Make a note of it, but also take an action step regarding this idea.

The lunar eclipse in early June shows an opportunity to increase your income either through a friend who has a business or a side job you pick up. Look at possibilities and be bold now. In metal Rat years, you can find many money opportunities if you program your mind to look for them.

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