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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope: Find your free Monthly Gemini Horoscope to get the best insights. Acquire what lies into the future with the aid of your monthly horoscopes.


11st Month Of 2020

Chatty Mercury, your leader, finally comes out of its retrograde cycle while in Libra on November 3. You’ve felt like you’ve had a gag on lately, and you can’t wait to take it off and start communicating again. It’s so nice to finally say everything that’s been on your mind!

Mercury then forms a quick square to serious Saturn in Capricorn on the sixth, bringing harsh opinions and rigid thinking that you aren’t used to dealing with. You’re one of the zodiac’s best communicators, and while you’ll try to keep your debates as open-minded as possible, you can expect to bump up against some pretty narrow-minded people now.

Mercury reenters investigative Scorpio on November 10, giving you the chance to look into some topics you’ve been curious about for a while now. Although you won’t be as vocal about your findings, you will be fascinated by some of the things you discover. Keep a secret you find out about genealogy or family history to yourself until the time is right.

The thirtieth brings a special full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign that can put into sharp focus issues surrounding your siblings (or those you consider brothers and sisters). This can be a time of healing if you’re willing to keep the lines of communication wide open.


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