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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Find your free Monthly Aquarius Horoscope to get the best insights. Acquire what lies into the future with the aid of your monthly horoscopes.


11st Month Of 2020

As Mercury goes direct in optimistic Libra on November 3, your world starts to make sense again. It’s been some time since communication issues have been on track, and the ending of this retrograde cycle is a time of relief. With Mercury in fellow friendly air sign Libra, you can make new friends easily now.

Mercury opposes your home planet Uranus while in sturdy Taurus on the seventeenth, and while there’s undeniable excitement in the air, there’s also a good bit of uncertainty that you can’t shake. You can appreciate unpredictability, but if you’re worried about something, this could intensify those concerns. You might have to take something to calm your nervous stomach now.

Dreamy Neptune goes direct on November 28, bringing reality crashing down around you. You’ve been able to elude the truth for a long time now, but you can’t do it anymore. Your fantasies and daydreams are still a good distraction, but they aren’t a substitute for seeing things as they really are.

The full moon and lunar eclipse are in fellow air sign Gemini on the thirtieth, illuminating areas that affect travel, communication, technology, and siblings. Make necessary changes that will aid advancement in these areas, Aquarius. This lunation is the perfect time to tie up loose ends as you anticipate the future. Getting closure matters.


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