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Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Tuesday: September 22, 2020

Flirt: Don't settle for anything less than the very best today -- you have as much time as you need to reach your decision, no matter what anyone else says. You'll know it when you see it for sure!

For Singles: That's it. You're through looking for love. From now on, love can find you. Actually, that's a very healthy attitude! What you've been pursuing has just been a distraction. Finally, you're ready for the real thing.

For Couples: Whether you're in the early stages of courtship or part of an established couple, you'll be feeling extra romantic today. After dinner, stream a favorite movie and spend some quality time snuggling on the sofa.

Taurus Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: September 23, 2020

Flirt: The whole world seems to be rushing around in a big hurry, and you should slow them down or at least resist the temptation to move along with it. Things are going to settle down pretty quickly.

For Singles: Although you're incredibly busy, don't forget to take a few minutes to catch your breath. During your break, check your messages. If you hear from someone fascinating, follow up.

For Couples: You've got something big on your mind right now, and if your partner isn't totally supportive, you run the risk of launching into a tirade that won't do either of you any good. Try to keep it civil!

Taurus Love Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: September 21, 2020

Flirt: Think about the future -- though it might seem as if you're already there! You may not be half-robot or on your way to Mars quite yet, but you do feel as if things are changing pretty quickly.

For Singles: The most ordinary places can bring the start of extraordinary love. Tackle as many mundane errands as you can today. Even taking out the garbage could lead to a truly stellar connection.

For Couples: Small efforts make all the difference in making your life as a couple more stable. A small compromise creates a world of change. Make an effort to get rid of any ambiguity in your relationship.


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