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Taurus Love Horoscope

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Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Friday: January 17, 2020

Flirt: A blast from the past -- maybe an ex -- is going to shake you up a little bit today. It might be just a friendly email, or it might be a sighting out and about, but your heart is going to skip a beat.

For Singles: Take some time today to reflect on all that you've achieved. You have a lot to be proud of! Next time you meet someone and you're feeling a little nervous, recall these thoughts for an instant boost of confidence. Remember that anyone would be lucky to meet the amazing you!

For Couples: Invite your partner to meet you at a favorite restaurant tonight. Catching up with each other over a meal will help you both to relax and unwind. They may have some interesting news to share.

Taurus Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: January 18, 2020

Flirt: You'll be chatting with someone, maybe kind of absent-mindedly, and then suddenly realize you're all crushed out. It could be mutual -- you can make something happen.

For Singles: When you're trying to impress someone new, don't be pompous. This isn't a job interview. Be humble with your accomplishments, and let your current actions speak louder than your trophy shelf. No one likes a show-off.

For Couples: You should be proud of all you've accomplished, both in your professional life and your personal life. Make sure you let your loved one know you're proud of them, too. They'd love to hear you say it.

Taurus Love Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: January 16, 2020

Flirt: You have a new hottie coming your way, but the first thing you'll notice is their wit. Once you can tell they have a brain, you'll suddenly notice the rest of them. The feelings should be mutual.

For Singles: You end up becoming so absorbed in having a life that you forget all about love. Of course, this is just what the stars are waiting for. They're dying to surprise you with a whammy of something deliciously romantic.

For Couples: The response you get back from you lover today will let you know they've been listening to what you've been telling them. Be sure to show your appreciation for their attentiveness.


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