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Scorpio Love Horoscope

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Scorpio Love Horoscope Today

Sunday: December 08, 2019

Flirt: You need to get to the bottom of this! Dust off that private-investigator badge and start sleuthing. If you can ask the right questions, you'll get some excellent (and unexpected) answers.

For Singles: Be someone's secret (or not-so-secret) admirer. Your creativity's amped up, romance is in the stars and it's time for a few of your hidden talents to be revealed.

For Couples: Seemingly unrealistic or outlandish plans come into sharp focus when you two really let those wild ideas fly. Remember that in brainstorming there are no judgments -- an idea is there to possibly spark another.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Monday: December 09, 2019

Flirt: You'll hear about a big party or opening or some other can't-miss event, but you'll feel the need to take care of business in one way or another: work, school or relationships. You can catch the next big event.

For Singles: You, there—standing around looking sultry at the intersection of fantasy and reality. Invite someone to join you at your favorite crossroads and see how they like it—and how you like them.

For Couples: That primal sex appeal of yours is getting some extra power from the stars, and your certain someone's likely to be drawn to you more than ever before. They're lucky and they know it!

Scorpio Love Horoscope Yesterday

Saturday: December 07, 2019

Flirt: You won't be in the best position for dealing with space issues around the house, but you should be able to turn your mixed feelings into some serious charisma later in the evening.

For Singles: Focusing on the differences is oh, so easy, especially for you. Terminally unique? You'd like to think so. But remember, you're just like everyone else. Start reaching out and searching for the similarities. When you relate to people on a purely human level, all sorts of great things will happen.

For Couples: Movies, books, songs -- what do they know about being in a relationship? Don't take ideas from others about what your relationship should or shouldn't look like. Only you two know what works for you.


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