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Scorpio Love Horoscope Today

Wednesday: July 10, 2019

Flirt: Don't be afraid to show off your competitive side today. Haven't you been victorious enough times for people to understand that you play to win? Apparently not, since they're still trying to challenge you, friendly or otherwise.

For Singles: Watch what you say to a friend who might be going through a rough time. Your offer of sympathy could be misread as pity. It's best to be a listener than the talker in this scenario.

For Couples: Keep a close eye on your spending for the next few days. Instead of going out for coffee, brew a pot that you can share with your sweetie. You'll be thrifty and romantic at the same time!

Scorpio Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: July 11, 2019

Flirt: Get ready for anything -- it's going to be one of those hard days to muddle through. Once you notice something is wrong, you won't be able to stop yourself from worrying about it. Just try to get it figured out and fixed up.

For Singles: A strong and intense romance sounds exciting, but it can also be heartbreaking. Instead of seeking out a turbulent affair, you might find more happiness with a calm and collected partner.

For Couples: Your feelings for your honey are more intense than usual right now. You may even find yourself getting distracted at work. Once you get home, be sure to show them exactly what's on your mind.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: July 09, 2019

Flirt: Your courage is incomparable. Facing down a challenge is something that calls to your sporting blood. It's one of the things your loved ones most admire about you, especially if the challenge is a personal one.

For Singles: Today give yourself permission to let go and get a little crazy. The status quo is so boring and you could use a few changes. Shake up your usual routine and walk on the wild side. Invite your partner in crime to share in the fun.

For Couples: Your powers of persuasion will serve you well today. It won't be hard at all to talk your sweetie into doing whatever you want. Granted, they probably would have gone along with you anyway!


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