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Scorpio Love Horoscope

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Scorpio Love Horoscope Today

Saturday: May 08, 2021

Daily Love Today Your heart is telling you one thing, but your mind is too focused on another, Scorpio. And despite whether you're single or already attached, the decisions you're being challenged to make during this time are hardly effortless. If you're feeling tense or stressed out, it's probably thanks to today's moon-Chiron conjunction via your daily sixth house of mindset, work routines, and due diligence. The potential crossroads, however, could have something to do with today's square between Venus in your relationship sector, and Jupiter via your fourth house of inner foundations. Your expectations might not necessarily align with your current reality, so pay attention.  

Daily Dating Today Someone's got power over you, and that always drives you insane. Sometimes, in romance, for instance, you don't mind quite so much, but this time it's getting on your nerves in a big way.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: May 09, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Sultry Venus officially slipped into your haunted eighth house of sex, intimacy, taboo, and soulmate connections, adding a layer of mystifying charm to your romantic unions. And despite whether you're currently single or already attached, one thing's for sure during this time, which is your desire for intensity, passion, and soul-to-soul connections. Scorpio, I'm sure this sounds like a regular day for you, but if anything, that's what makes this transit even better. Surface-level conversations and superficialities go out the door, and today's harsh square between the moon and your smoldering ruler, Pluto, can't emphasize this enough. Be honest with yourself, and your lover.

Daily Dating Tomorrow New information is coming your way, so hop to it and make sure you can make the most of it. It's a good time for you to really jump into the research wherever makes the most sense to you.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: May 07, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Things are slowly but surely starting to make sense, Scorpio. And though there's no such thing as the perfect partner, it doesn't hurt to get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions. Keep in mind, your traditional ruler, Mars, will continue to roam through your expansive ninth house of experience, faith, wisdom, and unknown territory, inspiring everything from the desire for thrill to a longing for adventure. Your inner thrill-seeker wants to take the wheel but with today's moon in Aries igniting your practical sixth house of details, due diligence, and responsibility, it wouldn't hurt you to sort out your priorities beforehand.

Daily Dating Yesterday You have some strange issues to work through today, but the good news is that you're totally up for it! You may need to try a little extra humility before the end of the day if you want to impress the right person.


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