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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope Today

Saturday: May 08, 2021

Daily Love Today Looking on the bright side comes naturally to you, but it wouldn't hurt to be a healthy skeptic, at least for the time being, Sagittarius. Today's over-the-top square between romantic Venus via your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals, and due diligence, and your bountiful planetary, Jupiter, ruler via your third house of communication, could make something seem a whole lot more doable than what it actually is. Telling you not to bite off more than you can chew is almost blasphemous, but you could end up involved in something you're not prepared for. The moon's conjunction with Chiron adds a little more drama.  

Daily Dating Today You need to step up and make a move on someone who seems out of your league (as if)! Your great energy ensures that any emotional risk you take is safer and more fun than usual for you.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: May 09, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Don't give in if it isn't worth your time and energy, Sagittarius. This is especially significant for you to consider today, as the moon in your fifth house of passion will clash with smoldering Pluto via your second house of value systems. Single or taken, you could feel an insatiable urge to make a move, but by that same token, you know this person isn't here to serve your highest good. And though all relationships are about a healthy "give and take," it's important to discern between what's toxic, and what's working in your favor. Fortunately, Venus made its official debut in your relationship sector yesterday, so help is on the way.

Daily Dating Tomorrow You aren't all that crazy about doing paperwork or staying organized beyond the bare minimum, but today brings more and more until you can't take it! Get help from a friend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: May 07, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Your swagger is out of this world today, Sagittarius. Today's enthusiastic moon will sashay into your flirtatious fifth house of affection, love, passion, and pleasure… and let's just say, you're in quite the sassy mood. You're confident, playful, passionate, and it's incredibly seductive. What's even more alluring about this energy is that audacious Mars is currently lighting up your sexy eighth house of intimacy, taboo, and soulmate connections, so flirty exchanges are bound to intensify. To top it off, Luna will make a charming sextile with Mercury via your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, so the mental chemistry is undeniable.

Daily Dating Yesterday A stroke of luck means quite a lot to you today, and it comes right in the nick if time! It's one of those days when you can't count on any one thing happening (no lottery tickets), but generally, it goes your way.


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