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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope Today

Friday: July 03, 2020

Flirt: You're still having lots of fun and should find that other people are more than willing to play with you. Make a game out of work or any other mundane activity, and you might just find a new sweetie.

For Singles: Get in touch with a friend you haven't heard from in a long time. Share your latest news and get the lowdown on their life. It'll feel like you never lost touch.

For Couples: Don't let other people drag you down. You know your relationship is strong, and you have no reason to doubt that. If your friends are being negative about it, tune them out.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: July 04, 2020

Flirt: You should start talking today, even if you're not sure what you want to say. Things are going to become a lot smoother soon, and you should figure out if you want them to stay this way.

For Singles: Laughter is the best medicine for any bad mood. Ask your friends to tell you a funny story or go online to read silly dad jokes. Do a search for your favorite comedian's material or watch clips of funny pets to cheer up.

For Couples: It's the little touches that keep your daily romance lively—a few loving details add a lot to your quality of life. Bring your partner small gifts. Be kind and generous with one another.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: July 02, 2020

Flirt: You're feeling too good to worry about the recent weirdness that seems to be finished now. It won't recur, and you have every right to kick back and enjoy the new vibe in your life.

For Singles: Don't rush today. The stars say a slower pace soothes the soul. If you don't have specific plans, keep the day open and your time flexible.

For Couples: Use caution before asking for anything extra at work. You may feel deserving, but now isn't the right time. Your partner can lend a sympathetic ear if you need to vent your frustrations.


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