Leo Love Horoscope

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Leo Love Horoscope Today

Sunday: May 26, 2019

Flirt: It's not like your people have turned into a bunch of screaming toddlers, but your guidance will help them make the right decisions. You need to spend a little extra time taking care of your peeps today.

For Singles: Try to help someone with what they need today. Whether you're an expert or just an extra set of hands, your aid will be appreciated. Give without hoping for a reward. Your generosity doesn't go unnoticed.

For Couples: Enjoy a relaxing daytime date with your honey today. Window shopping for antiques can be a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. If something special calls out to you, go on and get it.

Leo Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Monday: May 27, 2019

Flirt: You may need to deal with real life at some point, but who cares? No matter what's going on, you're having a great time -- thanks to a recent romantic gesture that made you swoon.

For Singles: Listen, then act. Today you could be presented with a problem you're eager to tackle, but a friend might simply want you to hear the rant rather than offer advice. Open your ears, heart and mind to possibility.

For Couples: Keep your ego in check today when relating to your partner. You want them to feel comfortable around you, not intimidated. Besides, they already think you're fabulous!

Leo Love Horoscope Yesterday

Saturday: May 25, 2019

Flirt: You have an urge for romance that can't be denied, so indulge it as soon as you can. Make a play for that one hottie or ask your sweetie about taking things to the next level.

For Singles: Today romance is amplified by a wave of flirtation. Go with it! Wink and smile at your intended crush. Steal a quick kiss if the moment feels right. Cupid is on your side, so make a move!

For Couples: You've got something on your mind today and you don't want to mince words. Tell it to your partner straight-up, but be kind. You can get your point across without resorting to insults or saying things you'll regret later.