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Leo Love Horoscope

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Leo Love Horoscope Today

Saturday: May 08, 2021

Daily Love Today There's a decision you have to make in your love life, Leo. Today's moon will shake up your adventurous ninth house of faith, experience, and unknown territory, bringing emotional emphasis to your long-term goals and personal growth. Feeling restless? In addition to the sudden urge to wander, Luna's conjunction with the wounded healer, Chiron, could be the reason you're second-guessing your next big move. Confront your emotional triggers, but leave the past where it belongs. Warning: Today's Venus-Jupiter square could greet you with an overwhelming sense of optimism, but you shouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet.   

Daily Dating Today Your artistic side is out today, and you can easily make life more beautiful for you or someone close. You're given to big gestures, so you might overwhelm your people at first, but it's worth it!

Leo Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: May 09, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Venus made its official debut in your experimental eleventh house of associations, community, and extended network yesterday, charming and caramelizing everything, from your social spheres to your social media presence. Looking for that special someone, Leo? Despite being one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, this Venusian transit inspires a more non-committal kind of love, which means the more light-hearted, the better. Having friends with benefits isn't for everyone, but it could be an option during this time. Don't bite off more than you chew; today's moon will square Pluto in your sixth house of responsibility, creating friction between your due diligence vs. the desire for adventure.

Daily Dating Tomorrow You're not exactly sluggish, but you're not feeling all that energetic either! It may not be the best time to show off for the hotties, but you come alive when they approach you and say hey.

Leo Love Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: May 07, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Trust the process. Today's moon will touch down on your lucky ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory, bringing emotional awareness and intuitive clarity to everything from your spiritual freedom to your hopes for the future. Although with the moon's ruler, Mars, sizzling through your secretive twelfth house of closure, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, you could be experiencing a bit of restlessness in the process. You may or may not be repressing your desires, but that doesn't make them less potent, Leo. On the bright side, Luna's connection with savvy Mercury is encouraging you to keep an open mind and consider other POVs.

Daily Dating Yesterday Your amazing energy fills you with self-confidence and helps you take care of just about anything that needs to be done. Of course, confidence is sexy, so you attract some attention while you're at it.


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