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Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Thursday: April 02, 2020

Flirt: It's one of those weird days: It's hard to get from one place to the other. Your flow is just a little off, and it should come back in a while -- but in the meantime, you must adjust.

For Singles: Cozying up with a movie or book may sound lovely, but your energy is at its best when given an opportunity to socialize. You can't wait to get out there and stop wasting that extra charm on your couch.

For Couples: You've got originality to burn right about now, so why not think of something surprising—and maybe surprisingly hot—to do with your partner? They'll be impressed by your unique idea and with you.

Cancer Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: April 03, 2020

Flirt: Find a good way to choose among all of your different options -- but don't be too surprised if you're torn between at least two of them. You may need to wait it out for a bit.

For Singles: The more secure you feel, the bigger risks you're willing to take for love. Do whatever it takes to feel grounded, safe, and centered. Step out of the comforts of home and remember that your home is within you.

For Couples: If you planted the seed of an idea in your partner's mind recently, now's the time to shine some sunny light on it and give it a little watering. It could flower into something beautiful!

Cancer Love Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: April 01, 2020

Flirt: Your friends might get a little exasperated with you if they need your input, because you just can't make up your mind about the issues that mean the most to them. You should be able to step up soon, though.

For Singles: Your intuition is a little freaky today. You can easily sniff out hidden agendas and conspirators before they even open their mouths. When someone is sincere, you know it right away.

For Couples: Yes, your partner tries to interpret you as best they can, but communicating something in a timid way leaves lots of room for error. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty is very sexy.


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