Cancer Love Horoscope

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Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Sunday: May 26, 2019

Flirt: You'll have more than enough energy to handle anything that comes your way. So take a little extra care with your daily business, but don't freak out too hard if things start to go south.

For Singles: Extreme measures may be required to get someone special to notice you. Step outside of your comfort zone and amplify your best features, whether it's your brain, your sense of humor or your laugh. It's show time!

For Couples: Your emotions are running high today, leaving you feeling vulnerable. Allow your loved one the chance to be close to you. You can trust them to treat you with tender loving care.

Cancer Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Monday: May 27, 2019

Flirt: It's just a good time to remember that you're fully capable of handling life on your own if it comes to that. You are in a great place to rely on yourself, so don't be afraid to make those tough decisions on your own.

For Singles: You may not feel like going out today, so don't force yourself to be social. Tell your pals you need to take the night off, then just relax and be lazy for a while. Treat yourself to some fun solo time.

For Couples: There's nothing wrong with a quiet night at home, especially if you spend it snuggling with your loved one. Tune out the outside world. Tonight is just for the two of you.

Cancer Love Horoscope Yesterday

Saturday: May 25, 2019

Flirt: Life doesn't have to be like this all the time, does it? Don't worry, this phase will end soon. You can make a difference with a friend, but it will take a lot more work than you realize.

For Singles: Reach up out of the shell today and get out to mingle. Overcome your shy tendencies and learn to relax around strangers. Strike up a conversation with someone new. Let your true self shine. You'll soon be getting the attention you deserve.

For Couples: Don't let a problem with your coworkers ruin your day. If you need to, take a break to call your partner for a midday pep talk. This evening, your partner can provide all the distraction you need to keep your mind off work.