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Cancer Love Horoscope

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Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Saturday: May 08, 2021

Daily Love Today If it's meant to be then you have nothing to worry about, Cancer. Granted, today's moon will be conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, via your bossy tenth house of authority. So, you're bound to experience a series of unwanted emotions that remind you of the past, but this isn't your first rodeo. Luna will also form a sweet sextile with Saturn via your sultry eighth house of intimacy, and this will likely provide you with the necessary discipline and structure to make things right in your relationship. Venus' square with lucky Jupiter, however, could be a bit extra… especially if you're taking advice from your peers. Follow your intuition.  

Daily Dating Today Don't go cheap today. You need to make sure that you're going for quality in all your purchases. It's a good day to see if you people have any ideas about what would work out best for you.

Cancer Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: May 09, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Romantic Venus slipped into your dreamy twelfth house of closure, clandestine affairs, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes yesterday, increasing the chances of you running into a karmic affair and/or someone you prefer to keep a secret for the time being. So much for keeping things to yourself though, as the moon will continue activating your public tenth house of recognition and authority. Luna will clash with smoldering Pluto in your committed seventh house of relationships, creating some power struggles in regards to your one-on-ones, which could also stir up some emotions in the process. Take a step back if need be, Cancer.

Daily Dating Tomorrow Use your big brain to solve that one problem that's been vexing you for so long. Once that's done you should have quite a bit of time left over to figure out how to get noticed.

Cancer Love Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: May 07, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Lady Venus is caramelizing your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world, adding a layer of sweetness to your friendships and group associations. But by that same token, things could be getting flirty in your social life. Just so you know, this area of your chart governs technology and social media, so your heart-eye emojis are included, Cancer. And despite your innate desire for comfort, security, and emotional connection, this Venusian transit tends to be more casual than others, so you may or may not settle for a friend with benefits. You're vibing either way.

Daily Dating Yesterday Upgrade something today if possible: your car, your phone, whatever. Don't spend more than you can afford, of course, but you do deserve something a little nicer in your life these days.


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