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Cancer Love Horoscope

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Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Thursday: October 14, 2021

Daily Love Today Sit with yourself and reflect, Cancer. Before the moon concludes its journey through your sultry eighth house of intimacy, sexual chemistry, and soulmate connections, it will clash with freedom-loving Uranus via your socially conscious eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world. Single or taken, you're likely feeling torn between the desire for intimacy and the series of opportunities that are currently quenching your curiosities. Some of you may even feel the pull to venture into the unknown to connect with like-minded individuals with similar hopes, wishes, and dreams. What you seek could very well be seeking you.

Daily Dating Today As the day begins, you're still processing the crazy emotions of yesterday, so don't be surprised if you feel exhausted and off the beam. Later, though, some new enthusiasm and super-charged charm will complement your multitasking mastery.

Cancer Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: October 15, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Are you ready to seal the deal, Cancer? You may or may not have all the answers, but your intuition is loud enough to guide you through the uncertainty of it all. Meanwhile, today's charming trine between the sun in your emotionally driven fourth house of innermost feelings and lucky Jupiter via your intimate eighth house of sexual chemistry is presenting you with an opportunity to take your romantic connection to the next level. The moon—your celestial ruler—will also join forces with expansive Jupiter, which, in turn, magnifies your emotions and romantic feelings. On a spicier note, you could feel a super surge of sexual liberation.

Daily Dating Tomorrow A surge of great energy is coming your way -- you'll soon tap into mojo that's going to make a difference in how you relate to loved ones. See about spreading the word as quickly as possible and get others in on the secret.

Cancer Love Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: October 13, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday When you take a moment to reflect on what you truly desire, there will be absolutely no doubt in your mind, Cancer. Granted, the effects of Mercury retrograde are undeniable, but you're also being bestowed with an opportunity to reflect and reassess the situation at hand. Meanwhile, the sun continues to energize your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, while sitting alongside to go-getter Mars, which, in turn, adds a layer of passion to the overall energy. Something is shifting, and the sun's trine to Jupiter via your intimate eighth house of soul-to-soul connections could potentially bring you closer to a soulmate. Staying grounded is key.

Daily Dating Yesterday Sure the pickings are slim, but someone's bound to bite, so speak up now. Everyone, even those on-the-fence hotties, will be open to your pitch. Even if it's like pulling teeth, force yourself to make a play. It'll work out in the end.


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