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Aquarius Love Horoscope

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Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Wednesday: May 26, 2021

Daily Love Today The changes you're undergoing will reflect onto your one-on-one partnerships, so discerning between what's simply comfortable in your eyes vs. what's actually practical for you, in the long run, is key during this time. And despite whether you're single or already committed, today's eclipse will more than likely catapult you towards a completely different direction, and well... you need to make sure you're invested in those who genuinely have your best interest at heart. You're leveling up, Aquarius; it's time for you to connect with like-minded individuals who inspire you to be the best version of yourself—and romantic partners will be no exception.

Daily Dating Today You are fully on track to blow some minds today thanks to your explosion of huge ideas. Just start talking and riffing and see where you go. It could be almost anywhere, really.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: May 27, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Aquarius, don't undermine your worth. Single or attached, chances are things are still a bit hazier than you'd like—especially after yesterday's full moon lunar eclipse. However, in addition to this post-eclipse hangover, today's astrology could be equally as chaotic, so be sure to stay grounded. For instance, Venus is currently dazzling through your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, but it will simultaneously square elusive Neptune via your stability-seeking second house of values. Granted, you're not the type to dwell on miscellaneous stresses, let alone emotional uncertainty, but the essence of Neptune could create feelings of self-doubt. Again, things aren't very clear right now, so take a deep breath.

Daily Dating Tomorrow Try not to worry much about how far out there you're getting. There's always someone who can at least try to understand what you're on about. It's a good day to push things further along.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: May 25, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Don't be afraid to tap into your inner child, Aquarius. The more you open your heart, the higher your chances of you finding the love you seek and deserve. Remember, the sun governs your committed seventh house of significant others, and it's currently sitting together with curious Mercury, enchanting Venus, and the North Node in your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. If you're already coupled, this aspect is encouraging you to have more fun in your relationship, and perhaps not take things so seriously. Granted, today's Scorpio moon could seem a bit grim, but its trine with Neptune allows you to go with the flow.

Daily Dating Yesterday Think about how your values affect the rest of your life. You are in a pensive mood, and you might want to try tweaking a few things down deep to see if they work out better for you. Be playful!


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