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Aquarius Love Horoscope

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Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Friday: September 24, 2021

Daily Love Today Don't lose your cool, Aquarius. The moon continues to roam through your fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. Still, it will simultaneously oppose luscious Venus via your bossy tenth house of authority in the process. Single or taken, you could be caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your romantic desires and your desire for control. Although, for some of you, this could have something to do with your workplace and your lack of boundary setting, especially if you've been crushing on someone. Tread lightly for the time being but try to behave.

Daily Dating Today People might not expect you to bust out with soulful glances or deep questions, so when you do, they'll be shocked enough to follow along. You can make a big difference in the lives of others today.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: September 25, 2021

Daily Love Tomorrow Taking a well-deserved personal day without bae, Aquarius? Before the moon concludes its journey through your cozy fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, it will form a harmonious alignment to smoldering Pluto via your secretive twelfth house of closure, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes. Perhaps you're lying low for the time being, but don't get too cozy. Today's invigorating trine between go-getter Mars in your expansive ninth house of adventure and Saturn retrograde in your sign is presenting you with the structure and sense of direction needed to make your move. Don't rush things though, especially if you're not in the mood.

Daily Dating Tomorrow You want to get ahead, but you're not sure what you may have to give up to do so. It's not as big a deal as you're afraid it might be, so do what it takes and push yourself forward.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: September 23, 2021

Daily Love Yesterday Whether you're single or taken, finding a healthy balance between your personal vs. professional life is your challenge today, Aquarius. Granted, you may feel a bit more triggered than you're comfortable admitting, but this too shall pass. Now, amidst the moon's transit through your cozy fourth house of innermost feelings, it will clash with Saturn retrograde in your sign, creating feelings of restriction and/or limitation. Are you being honest with yourself and with your lover? More importantly, a tricky opposition between Venus in your bossy tenth house of authority and rebellious Uranus via your fourth house of emotional foundations challenges you to break free from facades.

Daily Dating Yesterday Things are going to be a little weird for the foreseeable future, but you like weird, so that should work out well for you. Think long and hard before taking any risks.


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