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Leo Finance Horoscope

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Leo Finance Horoscope Today

Thursday: October 14, 2021

Leo, you are feeling driven to do your job your way. Throwing out the status quo can see like rash behavior, but honestly, your intuition knows best. Communicative Mercury retrograde is forming a benefic connection with the great expander, Jupiter in your seventh house of work collaborations. Speaking your truth will bring in abundance with a planetary alignment like this. Take advantage even though it may seem uncomfortable at first.

Leo Finance Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: October 15, 2021

Dear Leo, a metaphysical spotlight is shining on your business relationships. It’s time to revise which business relationships are worth keeping and which are no longer in alignment with where you envision your career to go. Take note, are there some contracts you could do without? This is not the time to make decisions, but it’s good to take an inventory check as Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius in your seventh house. This will give you a better idea of how to move forward when this retrograde period is over.

Leo Finance Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: October 13, 2021

Leo, your focus will be on a creative endeavor or project today. You may want to change up your work scenery in order to feel inspired. Get outside of your comfort zone, seek nature close by or even use your own outdoor area to accomplish work. This can help you feel more joy and fulfillment as many of you have felt cooped up in the house. You could be working on a new freelance project or a specific one for work. Tap into your inner child again!


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