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Virgo Horoscope Today

Wednesday: October 16, 2019

Not everyone can be as informed and as experienced as you are, and it's not always their fault. So cut some people some slack when they frustrate you with their questions. They are just working at their own pace and abilities, and they are dong their best—you can't fault them if their best isn't good enough for you. Instead of getting frustrated with them, just go off and take care of other things. They'll feel less pressure, and you'll feel less restricted.

Virgo Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: October 17, 2019

A recent big purchase could leave you feeling like you paid more than you should have—but that's just your fear talking. It's normal to have buyer's remorse, but you did what you thought was right, and there is no going back. It could take some time for your cash reserves to get back up to a level that you are comfortable with, so in order to speed up the process you should tighten up some of your expenditures. Cut back on eating out, and cancel that planned shopping trip.

Virgo Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: October 15, 2019

Working in a group could create some drama today, but it will also enable you to get a lot done. So if you're on a tight deadline, get everyone together and brace yourself for the little spats that could erupt. Chances are that people will play nicely today, but you can help ease tensions by creating a peaceful environment. Make sure the fridge is full, the music is mellow and the furniture is comfortable. Make it a happy place, and people will stay happy.


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