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Taurus Horoscope Today

Thursday: November 15, 2018

Your conservative side has been in power for a long time -- so today it's time to let your wild child out! For inspiration, let your nuttiest friends lead the way toward a wackier life for a while. You need a vacation from organization, a break from the staid stuff of life and an overall mood renovation. It's time to revisit your childhood and stop taking things so seriously. You can safely take a break from grownup responsibilities right now.

Taurus Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: November 16, 2018

Things may get rather hectic for you very soon, so you need to take some time to charge your batteries. Today would make a good personal day, and if you can reschedule some of your least-enjoyable tasks for another day, you should do so! Be by yourself as much as possible today, and don't worry too much about projects or responsibilities you leave behind -- they will be fine without your for a little while. Your energy needs to get back on an even keel.

Taurus Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: November 14, 2018

If you look inside your wallet today, you might just see a few dust bunnies. Living a cash-free life may be the way of the future, but you can't pay for everything with plastic. Eventually, debts have to be paid! Closely examine your credit card bills and assess your financial health today. It might be wise to go back to the old-fashioned idea of not buying what you can't afford. At least that way, you will know at a glance what you have -- or don't have.


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