Scorpio Daily Horoscope

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Scorpio Horoscope Today

Monday: December 10, 2018

Today will be another breezy day -- and fresh air is again prescribed. You need to be out in wide-open spaces to open up your mind more. Openness will enable new ideas, new people and even a few new adventures to enter your life and inject it with the excitement you have been eager to find. If you spend more time with less conventional people, you'll be giving your mind the stimulation it needs. So say 'hello' to the folks you meet while you are out exploring the world.

Scorpio Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

Blazing your own trail isn't always the best way to get somewhere. It's good to be an independent traveler, but sometimes it's also wise to team up with others -- as long as they're going in the right direction. There's strength in numbers, and a great deal more power to overcome obstacles. Consider teaming up to get where you want to go right now. Any initial friction you feel will soon fade into a sweet harmony of collaboration.

Scorpio Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: December 09, 2018

For optimum emotional and physical health, seek out some fresh air and sunlight today. The sights and sounds of nature are the best cure for whatever ails you, so try to get outside at some point. Being away from your usual indoor environment will rejuvenate you and give you the dose of contemplation you really need right now. Even a short walk at lunchtime will make a big difference.