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Sagittarius Horoscope Today

Thursday: November 15, 2018

Your gift of gab is greater than ever today, so do the world a favor and talk to as many people as you can. Conversations about anything -- from the weather to your deepest hopes and dreams -- are going to keep you interested, intrigued and popular. This is a great day to talk to strangers, too, so don't limit yourself to the folks who are already listed in your address book. Shock a stranger by asking what his or her favorite Rolling Stones song is.

Sagittarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: November 16, 2018

Forget your PDA, cell phone or computer. Today, your most useful communication device will be your direct manner. Your confident voice will make the people in power take notice of you. There is no point in playing political games. Saying things that you don't really mean (but that you think other people want to hear) is a complete waste of your time. You have nothing to be hesitant about. You know what you want, so say it.

Sagittarius Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: November 14, 2018

An old friendship will take a new direction today when the two of you join forces against a shared foe. Two minds are much better than one -- especially if yours is one of them! Mentally, you're feeling a lot more at ease with unfamiliar situations, and you're ready to take big risks that will pay off. Taking off on a new journey with a friend at your side is the best of both worlds. You feel empowered, but you also feel at ease. You two will have a lot of fun.


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