Pisces Daily Horoscope

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Pisces Horoscope Today

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

If you want someone in power to pay more attention to you, you have to act more boldly. Drama is what will get you noticed right now, not playing it safe and low-key. You have every right to grab all the focus in the room -- at least for the next few days. Unleash your inner jokester and embrace the obnoxious aspects of your personality. Now is not the time to be demure or wait for your chance. If you do, you'll be waiting for a very long time. Jump to it and make things happen.

Pisces Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: December 12, 2018

Don't look now, but some of your friends in high places are trying to pull you up to their level. They may have a point as far as your ambition (or your lack thereof) is concerned, but it's important right now for you to follow the path that's best for you. Ignore whatever jealousy you may feel, and remember that a big paycheck isn't always worth what you have to do to earn it. Focus instead on what really makes you happy. Do you really want to switch places with them?

Pisces Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: December 10, 2018

Emotionally, you should be feeling more independent today ... you are heading toward a major turning point where you can just let go of old grudges and move beyond the fear of not being a perfect person. You are making the best choices you can, and you should not dwell on missteps you have made. Your personal dramas will be taking a back seat to other, more challenging projects or activities. Focus more on those today and you will forget about insecurities.