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Libra Horoscope Today

Friday: July 03, 2020

Wherever you go today, try to elevate the atmosphere. There's no reason not to amp up your charm and make other people feel special. Don't worry that you're making some sort of promise you have no intention of keeping. As long as you keep things vague and G-rated, flirting is totally harmless, and it always puts a smile on people's faces.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: July 04, 2020

Your creativity reaches a high level today, so make the most of it! Integrate color, music, and unusual shapes into your day to open up your mind. Complex, conceptual ideas are suddenly crystal clear, so if you've been waiting for the right time to sell an idea or convince someone to change their mind, today is the day to make it happen. It will be an immensely satisfying day overall, and you will go to bed knowing you did everything as well as possible.

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: July 02, 2020

Sometimes when you finish a journey, you arrive at a place that looks very different from what you thought it was going to look like. You might be disappointed; you might be pleasantly surprised. But you should definitely be hopeful that things will get better. You are where you need to be, and if you aren't happy about the accommodations, be patient. Learn to live with it and explore what it offers. This place you're in has much more to offer than you realize.


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