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Libra Horoscope Today

Saturday: December 07, 2019

A hot new adventure is beginning today, but you might not be at the top of the guest list. This minor inconvenience doesn't have to stop you, though—just use some of your creativity to figure a way to elbow your way in on the fun! Luckily, your mind is a creative fountain, bubbling up with unique ways to get yourself an engraved invitation to the inner circle of the movers and shakers. They need you to be there, and you can easily convince them of that fact.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: December 08, 2019

A heated debate between you and someone else today could create more than just an intellectual connection—it might just trigger some romantic feelings as well. Opposites attract, and getting a glimpse into how someone else's mind works can be a very attractive and alluring thing. Be careful about jumping on these feelings too soon, however—make sure that they are available and interested in exploring new options. If they are not, you can look forward to more conversations.

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: December 06, 2019

Today, try to spice up your life by trying something new and different—whether it's a new household renovation project, a new bestselling novel, a new type of cuisine, or just a new route to and from work. Getting stuck in a routine is no fun—especially now, when there are so many wonderful things in your life to explore. There is no excuse for not mixing things up today. You have the time, you have the energy, and you definitely will have the desire you need!


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