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Leo Daily Horoscope for Today‎: Get your free Daily Leo Horoscope to find the best insights. Learn what lies into the future with the help of your daily horoscopes.

Leo Horoscope Today

Wednesday: April 14, 2021

Big things are about to begin, Leo. Magnetic Venus moves out of excitable Aries and steps forward into hardworking Taurus today, attracting positive circumstances to your career endeavors, from now through May 8. Venus’ time in the sign of the Bull marks an ideal time for rebranding yourself, connecting with authorities in your field, or launching personal projects that are aiming for viewership.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: April 15, 2021

This season is all about making yourself bigger than ever before, Leo. You’re beginning to get comfortable with your newly updated outlook on life and are feeling ready to push things to the next level. Your ruling planet, the illuminating sun, spends the day in a supportive connection with growth-giving Jupiter. This is bringing optimistic outlooks and opportunities to your relationships and your long-held beliefs around them.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: April 13, 2021

As a Leo, you’re cosmically guided by the life-giving sun. Today’s skies witness the sun’s optimistic and energizing union with trail-blazing Mars. This pairing gives you the guts, follow-through, and motivation you need to apply towards any ambitious efforts you have waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, the practical Taurus moon’s union with surprise-bringer Uranus brings new insights to career matters.


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