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Leo Horoscope Today

Saturday: August 01, 2020

Although you could be cast in the role of student, you could feel very empowered by the end of the day. Learning is something that takes time, but it offers more long-term rewards than you could ever imagine. It's time to think about the big picture in your life and put off thinking about immediate gains. Put in the necessary time in order to better understand what you're about to enter into. Ask questions and feel good about doing so. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: August 02, 2020

You could come across someone who has a good combination of honesty and tact. They could deliver the worst news to the most sensitive person on earth and everyone would keep smiling. Get to know this person and try to learn more about their technique. It's not that you aren't honest or tactful, but you could use a few pointers in the communication department. You could be taking on a major new role soon, and you'll need to be able to connect with many different types of people.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: July 31, 2020

Things are moving to a deeper level in a very shallow area of your life. This could mean that a relationship is about to move to a new level, a burgeoning friendship will become solidified, or you will finally overcome a challenging learning curve at work. This is a sign that you're doing the right thing right now, and that where you are in life is the perfect place to be. Congratulate yourself and prepare to enjoy the happiness in your life.


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