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Leo Horoscope Today

Friday: April 19, 2019

False modesty isn't really honest, so don't feel guilty about embracing any praise that comes your way. Sure, you shouldn't run around shouting about how wonderful you are, but there's nothing wrong with admitting that you worked hard to accomplish whatever it is you're being lauded for. Playing the "Aw, shucks" card will only undervalue your achievements and send a message that you weren't in charge, when in fact you knew exactly what you were doing the whole time.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: April 20, 2019

If you want the new plans you're making to succeed, you need to do more than devote yourself to hours of wishful thinking or positive visualization. It's time for action. Make the phone calls, write the emails, and pay some special visits to the people who can help you finalize your plans and make this thing happen! You can't do this on your own, no matter how capable (and on fire!) you are right now. You feel powerful—and you are powerful—but this should be a collaboration.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: April 18, 2019

Professional athletes do it, so why not you? Visualize success and you'll make it that much easier to attain. It's all about positive thinking and having confidence in yourself. To build up your confidence, stick close to the people who bring out the best in you (they bring out your best because they see it so clearly). For fun, make them a deal—explain to them what their best traits are, and ask them to explain yours to you. It will be an enlightening experience.