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Leo Horoscope Today

Friday: January 17, 2020

In need of an ego boost? Then today, whatever you do, you should avoid the world of celebrities and fashion magazines. The messages they give you are not empowering or positive! Instead, get together with one or two of your closest friends, the imperfect but oh. so perfect for you people who always remind you that you're a special person! This is a wonderful day for long conversations that go nowhere but that leave you with a warm and tingly loved feeling.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: January 18, 2020

Don't let all your creativity go to waste today. Get out and start doing something with all those ideas that have been buzzing around in your head. Pay a visit to an art store, museum, or even office supply store. While you're there, something could spark a thought that leads you to another thought that leads you to true inspiration! Don't look for answers today. Just look for interesting avenues that could potentially lead you to an answer one day.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: January 16, 2020

If you're feeling extra sensitive or emotional right now, don't fight it. Turn to your family for the comfort you need. Even just a short phone call could make you feel much better. Don't worry if you're experiencing some sad feelings. It's nothing to be concerned about. You're an imperfect human, and it's a healthy thing to process all your feelings, both the positive "it's going to be a great day" feelings and the negative "I don't want to get out of bed" feelings.


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