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Leo Horoscope Today

Wednesday: October 16, 2019

Taking people at their word is not a very wise thing to do today, because all that glitters is definitely not gold! Turn up your skepticism a little bit, and don't hesitate to doubt what you hear. Especially if it sounds too good to be true! Keep your cards close to your chest and don't give anybody clues about what you are thinking. Being critical of someone doesn't mean that you don't like or trust them. It just means that you are tough to impress.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: October 17, 2019

Time you spend learning something new is never time wasted! So instead of delegating something you don't know how to do to someone else, ask them to teach you how to do it! Even if you are on a tight deadline, you should put things on pause long enough to find out how to do something you should know how to do! You will feel empowered, and you will no longer be reliant on anyone else to do things that you can be doing independently. Education brings you independence.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: October 15, 2019

You are a very creative person, so why not create something today? You don't have to paint a painting or create a typical type of artwork—baking cookies, putting together a new outfit, or even making a mixed CD are all great ways to express yourself in a unique way. Create something for someone you care about and give them your creation as a gift—they'll appreciate the extra effort and thoughtfulness, and they'll love showing you their gratitude.


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