Leo Daily Horoscope

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Leo Horoscope Today

Monday: February 18, 2019

Sometimes, being unique requires that you be brave—life isn't always easy for people who don't conform. Today someone in power will be intent on making sure that you parrot the party line. This may be one time when your iconoclasm and your unique perspective could get you the wrong kind of attention. So consider furling your freak flag—but only temporarily. The ability to get lost in a crowd can be an excellent safety mechanism.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: February 19, 2019

A surprisingly leisurely day will give you a lot of time to join your friends for conversations about your hopes, your desires and—as usual—all the latest gossip. As everyone dishes, you may be surprised to find out that you know nothing about a somewhat startling situation in your social circle! Your insight and your thoughts on this unfolding drama will be very valuable. But do your best to contain this gossip—if you find someone else who doesn't know, keep your lips sealed.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: February 17, 2019

If you're involved in any type of legal matter, expect things to move to the next stage at some point today. Are you prepared? Get your paperwork in order and be ready to react quickly. You need to stay on top of details—take nothing for granted. Don't settle for uncertainty right now; you need solidity and precision. As you move deeper into this analytical phase, you will be able to get more focused and resolve some discord in your personal life.