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Leo Horoscope Today

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

The romance in your life will be greatly amplified today -- and whether or not you have a romantic partner is irrelevant. People will want to be as close to you as you let them, so try to take advantage of the closeness. Barriers between you and someone you know in an official or professional capacity are coming down, and you will get a nice glimpse of this person's great big heart. Make sure you let him or her know that you noticed this generous act.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: December 12, 2018

No matter how physically attractive someone is, arrogance is a hideous accessory. You don't accept rudeness from anyone -- especially someone you're romantically involved with or interested in. Today, if your cutie or cutie-in-waiting displays some haughty behavior, don't put up with it. Sure, it would be wise to give this special person the benefit of the doubt, but these bad manners may be the tip of a very large and troublesome iceberg.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: December 10, 2018

Are you growing impatient with someone? If by this point certain milestones that should have been achieved aren't, then today is the day to speak up about it. Chances are, this person is completely unaware of your frustration. Step outside of yourself and realize that all your internal dialogue is muted -- no one else can hear it unless you voice it. Have the courage to speak your mind and try to speed them along. They're more willing than you realize.