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Leo Horoscope Today

Thursday: October 22, 2020

It's a great day for a date. And by date, that doesn't necessarily mean romance. You can have a date with friends and you can have a date with yourself! In fact, treating yourself to a lovely time is a wonderful way to show yourself the love you deserve. After all, no one knows how to please you better than you. If you can't have all your needs met by others, don't feel neglected. Just make sure that you fill in the blanks. Give yourself what other people won't give you.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: October 23, 2020

If you've been losing confidence in your intuitive powers, don't! Your faith is about to be restored by an unusual development. When it happens, consult your gut one more time, and check in with yourself about how you're thinking and feeling. Either your mind is changing or your gut is. The two will come together with the right answer and a smart plan. You are getting back in the saddle of defining your own destiny.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: October 21, 2020

Is someone disappointing you? Keep in mind that the word "friendship" means different things to different people. Be careful not to make any assumptions about what this new friendship is all about. They have different ideas about what they want out of this partnership than you do. The good news is that they might well want more than you do! Start a discussion with them about just what is going on here. What they tell you will probably open the door to a whole new level of fun!


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