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Leo Horoscope Today

Monday: April 06, 2020

Scientists always perform their experiments in controlled environments, and you should do the same today. Whatever your theories, they deserve to be explored in a realistic and honest way. Test a recent hypothesis without letting anyone else in on your plan. Your expectations could influence their actions and skew your results. Right now, you need everyone to be as real as they can be. This isn't a good time to encourage anyone to stir up trouble.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: April 07, 2020

It's time to shift your focus and start dealing with the opposite end of the spectrum. If you're obsessed with celebrities and gossip websites, check out a news source and get informed about current issues. If you have no clue who the hottest celebs are right now, click around to a few gossip websites and enlighten yourself about who's marrying whom and whose divorce is final. Mix up your knowledge and you'll become even more interesting.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: April 05, 2020

If you're trying to impress someone, get their attention, and don't be shy about sharing stories from your life, especially if they involve something you have in common with this person. The more details you can offer the better. Their role in your life is surely going to get bigger, so expect to hear from them a lot more in the future.


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