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Gemini Horoscope Today

Thursday: December 03, 2020

When you decide to take a few days off, it's quite different than when most of us do the same. Your friends and family aren't used to going more than a few hours without either seeing you or talking with you, so your absence raises all kinds of red flags. You're in the mood to disappear from the world now, however, and you won't want to chat with them about it. Be nice. Call when you know they won't be there to answer and leave a message.

Gemini Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: December 04, 2020

When was the last time you got totally flirtatious with someone? Tossed all subtleties out the window? Went for broke with cheesy-yet-charming lines and glowing compliments? It's high time you got back into the action, so pick a lucky person and make their day. There's nothing wrong with making someone else feel good, especially because it will end up making you feel good, too! Make someone happy today, and remind yourself that life is supposed to be fun!

Gemini Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: December 02, 2020

You've done your best to keep a delicate issue under wraps for some time, but it's become a lot more difficult lately, mostly because of one particular person who's managed to burrow quite deeply into not just this particular situation but others as well. If—no, when—it becomes clear that they're going out of their way to make things melodramatic, don't be afraid to give them their walking papers. The universe is most definitely on your side.


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