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Cancer Horoscope Today

Saturday: August 24, 2019

Your quick mind is an advantage most of the time, but today there will be a bit of a disconnect between what you want to do and what the people around you are capable of doing. You can try to bust ahead on your own if you like, but you probably won't be able to get far without the help of a few people who seem to be busy with other things. Wait patiently for their attention, and don't try to butt in on what they're doing right now. Respect their priorities, and they'll respect yours.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: August 25, 2019

Do someone a favor today—loan them some money for their lunch, run a small errand for them, or just lend an ear if they need to vent their frustration. When you give your time freely and consider other people's needs deeply, a good memory of you is created in their mind—and they will remember to return that kindness in the future. As you continue helping people today, you will benefit in the long run. Your reputation is important, and it's important to continually improve it.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: August 23, 2019

Surround yourself with the right kinds of people today. How? Just think about what type of good energy you want in your life, and then cozy up to whomever you think can give it to you. Don't be afraid to share more of yourself with these people—you can and should trust them. The attention you get will be flattering, and it could help you see yourself in a whole new light. Get ready for big demands for your time, coming from many different directions.


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