Aquarius Daily Horoscope

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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

If you need other people to get on board with your latest scheme, appeal to their inner pioneers. Focus your sales pitch on exploration and the opportunity for an adventure, and downplay the level of effort that may be involved. Sure, some of the meeker folks in your group will never go for it, but you need people with a bold outlook anyway. Their attitude will keep you pushing forward and feeling confident. Anything can be accomplished if you have the right team.

Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: December 12, 2018

You might not have all the self-discipline in the world, but there is nothing wrong with that! You have heart, and that will take you a long way today. Making strong friendships with people who can keep you in check was one of your smarter moves. Lean on these relationships today when you feel yourself falling back into old bad habits or contemplating calling up an ex. You provide these drill sergeants with a powerful emotional outlet, so it's only fair that they help you in return.

Aquarius Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: December 10, 2018

You cannot hit a home run every time, so why are you holding yourself to impossible standards? Even the biggest Hollywood stars churn out a cinematic bomb every once and a while, and then, a few months later, they're back on all the magazine covers. Take a lesson from that. If you are down right now, that doesn't mean you have to stay down. Your successes are not based on luck -- they are based on your abilities. You are ready, willing and able.