Aquarius Daily Horoscope

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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Friday: April 19, 2019

Females will be a prominent force in your day, so listen to the softer voices around you with greater attention than usual. There is a strong current of compassion and nurturing running throughout your life right now, and it only makes sense that this side of your personality needs to be encouraged. Try to see the complexities in things today. Don't let yourself be paralyzed by details. Nothing is black and white right now. And even the grays have different shading.

Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: April 20, 2019

If you feel a bit overwhelmed today, don't let it show. You could be pushed into the spotlight early on, and if you let other people doubt their faith in you, you'll do yourself a disservice. Take the space and time you need to get comfortable in your new situation. Until you do, fake it. Your bravado has helped you before, and it will again. Don't move too quickly or too strongly. Take things step-by-step and have faith that you can do it. Because you can!

Aquarius Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: April 18, 2019

You've been zipping along quite nicely, but you're missing some incredible scenery! It's all about the journey, not the destination, didn't you know that? Reschedule a meeting for another day—if you don't stop to appreciate the things all your hard work has earned you, then what's the point? Besides, letting your mind be quiet for a day enables all sorts of brilliant new ideas to flow in. Spend this day coasting, and you'll find yourself farther along than you realized.