Daily Chinese Snake Horoscope

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Snake Horoscope Today

Wednesday - January 16, 2019

Don't let obstructions get the better of your coolness. At work, you won't have much elbow room and may experience delays caused by other people. You'll be well inspired by your various transactions. The unattached may not remain so for long! You'll have an encounter at this time and, if you're not already with someone, you'll happily give up your dear liberty.

Snake Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday - January 17, 2019

Everything will seem more difficult to you, and you may doubt your capacities. Have courage! Seek the support of your nearest and dearest, who will certainly be prepared to help you. If you're single, you won't be interested in settling down and you'll prefer to flit from heart to heart; be careful not to get caught in your own nets. You'll work more effectively if you consider the big picture and avoid dwelling on trifles.

Snake Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday - January 15, 2019

You'll be surrounded by the warm affection of your family and enjoy perfect agreement with your children. A surge of jealousy will agitate your love relationship, so try to control the situation. At work, nothing serious should impede your efforts. But you won't be safe from errors of judgment, so ask for advice. Luck will be on your side in a joint venture or a financial deal; now you can take risks.

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