Daily Chinese Dog Horoscope

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Dog Horoscope Today

Wednesday - January 16, 2019

This will be a day marked with good luck in many spheres; don't just stand there with your arms folded and don't let disillusionment hold you back. A noticeable improvement in your relationships with the opposite sex could lead to a lasting union. You'll know how to smooth the rough edges with humor, but do not overdo it. Don't get bogged down in legal matters if a dispute takes place.

Dog Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday - January 17, 2019

The stars will accentuate your taste for conquest and your need for novelty, so don't hesitate to embark on difficult projects. At work, you'll be motivated to succeed. It will be necessary to put your common sense aside and listen only to your heart right now. Those who want to change their residences will see their searches crowned with success, but they should take into account the disadvantages as much as the advantages of their place of choice.

Dog Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday - January 15, 2019

You'll overflow with drive, energy, and enthusiasm, and you'll be able to achieve numerous feats. You'll enjoy charming your acquaintances and flitting about, but if you trespass certain limits, you'll experience a very bad surprise. Organize your budget better and resist your dangerous desire to spend. It seems that great meticulousness will give your work a new and positive orientation; your ideas will be good, so don't hesitate this time.

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