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Chinese Zodiac Monkey

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Personality of the Monkey

  • Fun, loving, cheerful and energetic
  • Very clever, talented, creative and generous. Popular with their charm and humor.
  • Sociable and diplomatic.But may be deceptive sometimes - they hide their opinions of others beneath their friendliness.
  • Always show their emotion
  • Very good at problem-solving
  • Usually have a great thirst for knowledge.
  • Could be unreasonable sometimes,but can persuade themselves and others that they are right
  • May be self-centered, opportunistic,or guileful, but are also indifferent
  • Very likely to become famous or renowned with his charm and luck
  • Loyal and devoted friends
  • Passionate but flighty lovers- can fall in love and get tired easily
  • Addictive to food. Have the habit of eating snacks (bananas?) all the time.

Chinese Astrology: The Monkey

In Chinese Astrology being born during a certain year means you are born to a sign that is an animal. The sign of the Monkey begins with the year 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028 and ending with the year 2040.

Being born under the sign of the Monkey means a person is a party animal. No matter what night it is or what obligations they may have the next day you will always find them having a good time. They are very energetic people and like lots of activity. When at a social event you would recognize the monkey as being the one pulling crazy stunts or working the crowd.

Monkeys are the type to always have to do something or be someplace, more often then not it is for pleasure, not business. Being loyal several different groups of friends is a trait of the Monkey. They can be with several types of people and fit in very easily. Typically they have an upbeat personality.

The Monkey is a good listener. They are also good in complicated situations.

Many are known to be very helpful to others in time of crisis. Although the Monkey tends to be a show off, not really flaunting belongings, just physical abilities and the like. They also tend to be a little bit rebellious.

Having a relationship is difficult for a Monkey. Their

tendencies to get them in trouble also lead them to being heart breakers. Self-indulgent urges also turn people off who have the possibility of romantic potential. The Monkey, however, would be best in a relationship with a Horse or the Dog.

Monkey motto is
'I entertain'

Basic Astrology Elements

  • Earthly Branches of Birth Year: Shen
  • The Five Elements: Water
  • Yin Yang: Yang
  • Lunar Month: Seventh
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9; Avoid: 2, 5, 8
  • Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum
  • Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue; Avoid: red, black, gray
  • Season: Autumn
  • Closest Western Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility

Sign: Monkey
Best Match: Monkey, Dragon, Rat
Average Match: Snake, Rooster, Ox, Pig, Rabbit, Goat, Dog, Horse
No Match: Tiger

Years And The Five Elements

People born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Monkey", while also bearing the following elemental sign: The following is also a chart of the dates of the Gregorian calendar, of those born in the year of the Monkey.

Start date End date Heavenly branch
6 February 1932 25 January 1933 Water Monkey
25 January 1944 12 February 1945 Wood Monkey
12 February 1956 30 January 1957 Fire Monkey
30 January 1968 16 February 1969 Earth Monkey
16 February 1980 4 February 1981 Metal Monkey
4 February 1992 22 January 1993 Water Monkey
22 January 2004 8 February 2005 Wood Monkey
8 February 2016 27 January 2017 Fire Monkey
26 January 2028 12 February 2029 Earth Monkey
12 February 2040 31 January 2041 Metal Monkey

Happy Go Lucky
n the happy-go-lucky surface, Monkeys are reasonable, faithful, autonomous, candid, altruistic, successful, inventive, co-operative, loving, intelligent, individualistic and generous entertainers.

But behind closed doors, Monkeys can be hyper-emotional, capricious, guileful, self-indulgent, immature, insecure, indifferent, careless, gullible, petty, grab-by scene-stealer's.


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