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Cancer Career Horoscope

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Cancer Career Horoscope Today

Friday: February 19, 2021

Dear Crab, it’s time to come out of your shell. You may feel as though you’re being thrust into giving your opinion or sharing your views with your industry—surrounding a topic that is vital to your professional growth. It’s time to hone in on how to articulate yourself to the public, which may not feel as comfortable. Your ruling planet, the moon, is in communicative Gemini, and forming a conjunction with the North Node in your twelfth house.

Cancer Career Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: February 20, 2021

Contracts or important agreements that have been held up could start to come through today. The planet of contracts, Mercury, is going direct in Aquarius in your eighth house. You can finally sign on the dotted line, review your finances, review intricate agreements, or take on new investors. Still proceed slowly, as there is a shadow period for Mercury retrograde for approximately two weeks. Read thoroughly and agree to what makes sense for you personally.

Cancer Career Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: February 18, 2021

Dear Cancer, you can start to feel the financial discussions ease up today. The Pisces sun is activating your ninth house of higher wisdom and foreign places. You may not travel far, but Pisces season can bring in opportunities to work creatively with others who are in a different country or location than you. This only allows you to cast a wide net in terms of contacts. Use this time to share your knowledge with others. Your wisdom will be well received.


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