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Chinese Astrology Characteristics: The MONKEY

The Chinese Zodiac Monkey
  • Zodiac Location: 9th
  • Ruling hours: 3pm-5pm
  • Direction: West-Southwest
  • Motto: “I Entertain”
  • Season and month: Summer, August
  • Fixed element: Metal
  • Stem: Positive
  • Gemstone: Peridot
  • Colors: White, Yellow
  • Roughly equivalent western sign: Leo
  • Polarity: Yang
  • Food: Cloves

Years and the Five Elements
Born Under Year Of The Monkey With The Following Elemental Sign
YearElemental Sign
20 February 1920 7 February 1921 Metal Monkey
6 February 1932 25 January 1933 Water Monkey
25 January 1944 12 February 1945 Wood Monkey
12 February 1956 30 January 1957 Fire Monkey
30 January 1968 16 February 1969 Earth Monkey
16 February 1980 4 February 1981 Metal Monkey
4 February 1992 22 January 1993 Water Monkey
22 January 2004 8 February 2005 Wood Monkey
8 February 2016 27 January 2017 Fire Monkey
2028 2029 Earth Monkey

Characteristic: Inventor, motivator, improviser, quick-witted, inquisitive, flexible, innovative, problem solver, self-assured, sociable, artistic, polite, dignified, competitive, objective, factual, intellectual. Can be egotistical, vain, arrogant, selfish, reckless, snobbish, deceptive, manipulative, cunning, jealous, suspicious, and queuey.

Famous MONKEYS Include:
David Bellamy, Jacqueline Bisset, Victor Borge, Yul Brynner, Johnny Cash, David Copperfield, Joan Crawford, Timothy Dalton, Ian Fleming, Jerry Hall, Tom Hanks, Harry Houdini, Walter Matthau, Peter O'Toole, Anthony Perkins, Debbie Reynolds, Diana Ross, Tom Selleck, Omar Sharif, Martin Shaw, Rod Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Kiri Te Kanawa.

Ideal Jobs Include:
Counsellor, Therapist, Bus driver, Nurse, Occupational therapist, English teacher, Stockbroker, Town planner, Writer, Journalist.

Lucky Numbers:
3, 4, 5, 7, 16, 23, 34, 45 and 54.

Equivalent Western Sign: Leo


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